Low Mini Front Ride Height Correction
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Low Mini Front Ride Height Correction

The Mini’s body may be riding low on one or both sides due to slippage of a front strut damper.

F54 (Cooper Clubman, Cooper S Clubman)

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F55 (Cooper Hardtop 4 door, Cooper S Hardtop 4 door)

F56 (Cooper Hardtop 2 door, Cooper S Hardtop 2 door)

F57 (Cooper Convertible, Cooper S Convertible)

F60 (Cooper Countryman, Cooper Countryman ALL4,    

Cooper S Countryman, Cooper S Countryman ALL4


The front suspension ride height has been reduced on one or on both sides. The front spring strut damper slips through the clamp of the steering knuckle, damaging other front end components.


Slippage of the damper(s) from overload is intentional, as it protects the body from severe damage by dissipating kinetic energy through the clamp. The correct function of the clamp was confirmed on the basis of detailed testing. Thus, these damages are classified as the result of outside influence and not a manufacturing defect. Without this intentional slippage, there would be permanent deformations in the vehicle’s body.


Replacement of the steering knuckle and spring strut damper are required, along with any further damaged components like tires, axles and wheels.

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