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Honda Oil System Inspection

The leading cause of low oil pressure-related complaints with Honda vehicles is the oil level.

Honda Indirect TPMS Systems

Honda indirect TPMS systems do not have air pressure sensors inside the tires.

Different Nameplates, Different Expectations

Honda is one of the least concerned manufacturers about system voltages when it comes to reflashing.

Honda CR-V Strut Installation (VIDEO)

This video covers installation procedures on 2019 CR-V models. This video is sponsored by PRT.

Honda Scroll-Style Compressor A/C Service Tips

Properly flush the system and replace the condenser and hoses when replacing the compressor after a catastrophic failure.

Honda Engine Shuts Off, But Power Mode Stays in ACCESSORY

The culprit behind this issue could be a misadjusted shift cable.

2020 Honda Civic Front Camera Calibration (VIDEO)

Here’s how to perform a front camera calibration on a 2020 Honda Civic. This video is sponsored by Hunter Engineering Co.

Brake Job: 2018-Current Honda Odyssey

Using a low-quality brake pad or reusing the abutment clips can lead to a noise comeback.

Honda ADAS Service Requires Commitment, Equipment

ADAS recalibration takes training and the purchase of correct targets – and aiming of the sensors is a critical step.

Pandemic Technology

Honda in Japan has introduced a new cabin air-filter design to reduce exposure to coronavirus inside a vehicle.

Honda: Variable Valve Timing Noise At Start Up

At cold start-up, a Honda engine rattles loudly for about two seconds. What could the possible cause be?

Snap-on Pass Thru Assistant Helps Shops Reprogram Vehicles

The new Snap-on Pass Thru Assistant (PTA) expands automotive repair and collision technicians’ J2534 programming capabilities, making it easier than ever for them to keep vehicles in the shop, finish the job correctly and increase profits and customer satisfaction. While J2534 programming can be a difficult task and not everyone wants to take on what