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Dealing With Overcharged and Contaminated AC Systems
Sponsored by Transtar AC
Date: June 09, 2022

What should you do if your customer has attempted to fix their AC system with an off-the-shelf product? In a 45-minute webinar, the experts at Transtar AC will cover what happens to an AC system when it is overcharged or exposed to certain oils, sealants and dyes. The content will include information on R12, R134a and R1234yf systems.

Questions the presenters will answer:

  • How do you detect a contaminated or overfilled system?
  • How is a compressor damaged by too much refrigerant or oil?
  • Can sealants clog an evaporator?
  • When should the receiver dryer be replaced?
  • How do you flush the AC system?
  • What is the right way to fill the system?
On-Demand Webinars
Hiring and Retaining Great Employees
Sponsored by AAPEX
Date: May 23, 2022

This webinar is part of "AAPEX Repair Shop HQ Webinar Series: An 8-Part Webinar Series." Sponsored by AAPEX.

In a tight labor market, it can be tough to find the next great employee – but what are you doing to keep the superstars you already have? We’ll explore the challenges of maintaining a staff that can handle whatever challenges your customers bring through your doors.

GDI Diagnostics and Repair
Sponsored by Autolite
Date: May 19, 2022

Do the letters “GDI” scare you? If gasoline direct injection or GDI has you avoiding diagnostics and repairs on late-model vehicles, we have some training for you! In this 45-minute webinar, experts will help you understand GDI systems from the strainer in the tank to the nozzles in the combustion chamber.

Topics to be covered:

  • Fuel Pressure Inspection for GDI
  • STFT and LTFT Fuel Trim Diagnostic Interpretation
  • How-to Scope Injectors, Pumps and Solenoids
  • Confirming GDI and Ignition Misfires
  • Complete Low-Side Diagnostics for In-Tank Pumps
  • Verifying Mechanical and Hydraulic Operation of High-Pressure GDI Pumps

At the end of the webinar, you will have a better understanding of how a GDI fuel system operates, so you have a solid diagnostic foundation.

How to Win Locally: 5 Marketing Strategies for Auto Services
Sponsored by Podium
Date: May 12, 2022

Auto service consumers are changing—new expectations and demands aren’t just a future state—they’re here today. In fact, according to J.D. Power, auto service customers now prefer texting over all other channels. It’s time for auto service businesses to rethink old marketing strategies and deliver the buying experience modern consumers expect.

Join this webinar as industry experts uncover five auto services marketing strategies to beat your competition and fast-track your sales process. You’ll hear real-life case studies and walk away with SMS marketing best practices.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why consumer preference for texting is on the rise
  • The state of local business—what’s working and what needs to change
  • 5 simple ways to upgrade your auto service experience
Import Drivability Diagnostics & Tips
Sponsored by NGK Spark Plugs
Date: May 04, 2022

Input signals from sensors, processing data, and regulating output devices are all associated with the core operations of today's engine management platforms.

  • This webinar will focus on import vehicles systems, including:
  •  Terms to know
  • Drivability diagnostic steps using the proper approach
  • Walking through the scan tool data PIDs logically
  • Using VE calculators to diagnose, fix, and verify that the concern with the car is truly fixed right the first time

Our presenters will also address case studies focused on drivability-related problems.

Don’t Give Me Any Friction! The Magic of Sintered Bearings
Sponsored by Mevotech
Date: April 27, 2022

This webinar is part of "Aftermarket Chassis Solutions, Pro Tips & Best Practices: A 4-Part Webinar Series for Technicians and Shop Owners." Sponsored by Mevotech.

When it comes to friction surfaces on any suspension joint, sintered bearings are the optimal choice. Lifecycle testing has shown sintered bearings to be better performing and much more durable than the other materials.

Register now for our webinar, and we will show you:

  • How sintered bearings hold up under friction and wear testing
  • Why they won’t degrade under heat exposure vs. plastic and other materials
  • How the porous sintered metal is self-lubricating
  • Why serviceable sintered bearings are the choice for a longer service life
TPMS Talk: Fundamentals of Fast and Efficient TPMS Service
Sponsored by Schrader
Date: April 07, 2022

Your crash course in the TPMS service. Too often, TPMS service might seem complicated, but it does not have to be. This webinar provides an engaging hands-on lesson that explores how you can organize your TPMS program for maximum benefits.

Learn directly from the world-leader in TPMS just in time for the busy tire changing season! Join Yanick Leduc and Tom Kirkham from Schrader’s Technical Training Team as they break down the fundamentals of TPMS service and give you real-life tips for setting up a profit building TPMS program.

Topics cover:

  • How to identify if a vehicle has a TPMS system
  • How to select the right TPMS sensor for the vehicle and rim type
  • How to select the right service kit and why it’s important
  • How to safely dismount a tire from the rim without damaging the sensor
  • How to properly assemble and disassemble the sensor
ADAS: Diagnosing False Activations and Warnings
Sponsored by AAPEX
Date: April 11, 2022

This webinar is part of "AAPEX Repair Shop HQ Webinar Series: An 8-Part Webinar Series." Sponsored by AAPEX.

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) can intervene with driver warnings or activation of the brakes and steering functions. Unfortunately, ADAS sometimes get it wrong and activates when there is no problem. The customer might be backing out of the garage or changing lanes on the freeway when the false warning or activation occurs. We will explore how to resolve customer complaints of false activation of automatic braking, lane blind spot detection systems.

Why Your Repair Shop’s Marketing Isn’t Working as Well as You Think
Sponsored by The Automated Marketing Group
Date: April 14, 2022

Are all customers good customers?

A lot of marketing companies would love to convince you that all customers are created equal. But with a few basic tools and a realistic look under the hood, it’s clear that settling for mediocre marketing results can have lasting negative effects on every area of the shop.

If you’re ready to put chaos, stress, overworked employees, and shrinking average repair orders behind you, then you’re ready to focus on marketing that improves your customer base by driving the right kind of customer to your shop.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Why it’s OBVIOUS that so many marketers are lying or incompetent
  • The problem that might be hiding on your website RIGHT NOW
  • The BEST way to ensure that your marketing drives high-quality customers who are ready to buy
Why You Need Aftermarket Solutions for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
Sponsored by Mevotech
Date: March 30, 2022

This webinar is part of "Aftermarket Chassis Solutions, Pro Tips & Best Practices: A 4-Part Webinar Series for Technicians and Shop Owners." Sponsored by Mevotech.

The increasing number of electric and hybrid vehicles on the road means repair facilities will need to adapt their businesses and skillsets to accommodate them.

Register now for our webinar and learn all you need to know about what the aftermarket can do for electric and hybrid vehicles.

We will cover:

  • Common misconceptions about these vehicles
  • What their heavier weight does to chassis and suspensions
  • Busting the myth that only OE parts are acceptable
  • What makes aftermarket solutions the better choice
Transmission Fluid Technology: Your Guide to Understanding New Grades and Specifications
Sponsored by Transtar
Date: March 21, 2022

As automatic transmission technology has evolved, so have the fluids inside. With more than 20 current OE transmission fluid specifications, it can be confusing to choose the correct fluid for the transmission and customer.

In this 60-minute webinar, our presenters will discuss how to select the correct transmission fluid for today’s diverse population of automatic transmissions. The experts will also cover how to optimize your shop’s inventory to cover the broadest range of vehicles.

  • Topics to be addressed:
  • Ultra-Low-Viscosity transmission fluids
  • CVT transmission fluids
  • Dexron and Mercon back date compatibility
  • New Honda and Toyota ATF specifications
  • Dual-clutch transmission fluidsa
  • Electric and hybrid vehicle transmission fluids

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