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Nissan Electro Hydraulic Steering

Nissan’s steering system is susceptible to driver-error.

Key Programming

When it comes to key programming, there are different levels of security access depending on the year, make and model of the vehicle.

Different Nameplates, Different Expectations

Honda is one of the least concerned manufacturers about system voltages when it comes to reflashing.

Nissan Suspension Restoration

The shock or strut controls how the energy in the spring is absorbed and compressed.

Nissan CVT Transmission Installation

The dowel pins are solely responsible for properly aligning and locating the transmission onto the back of the engine.

Nissan Altima Front Strut Replacement (VIDEO)

Follow along to learn how to properly remove and replace a strut assembly. This video is sponsored by PRT.

Nissan Brake Job: 2003-2015 Titan Applications

The front brakes on the Titan use dual-piston floating calipers. Most noise and wear issues can be attributed to the guide pins not being serviced during a previous brake job. The abutment clips and slides can also cause noise and should be replaced during every brake job.

PRT Unveils Complete Struts for Nissan Altima 2019-2020

The brand new developments represents additional 275,000 vehicles in new coverage.

Nissan Sonar Sensors

Make sure all sensors are clean, and that no built-up debris surrounds the sensors prior to testing.

Brake Job: 2005-2014 Nissan Frontier

In 2004, the Nissan Frontier grew in size to match the Toyota Tacoma. The brakes resemble the previous platform, but with enhancements to reduce brake drag and improve the operation of the ABS and stability control systems.

Nissan Timing Chain Replacement

One of the most common engines for timing chain replacement is the Nissan VQ-Series V6.

Nissan Maxima Brake Job: Seventh Generation, 2009-2014 Models

These brake systems are known to make noise if the proper procedures are not followed and brake materials are not installed properly. The OE pads use a Non-Asbestos Organic (NAO) compound. The NAO material provides increased resistance to brake squeal. Some customers have complained about noisy brakes on these vehicles, so it is a good idea to explain the different pad compounds and varying degrees of noise resistance to let them decide which best suits their needs.