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Jaguar V6 Timing Chain Service

When a guide and tensioner fail, it induces timing chain slap that causes the chain to jump on the sprockets.

Jaguar/Land Rover V8 Engines

This engine is unique due to the high-pressure fuel pumps driven by the crankshaft using a chain that turns the oil pump.

Jaguar V8 Engine Service for 4.0 and 4.2-Liter Types

Make sure you have the vehicle identification number ready when ordering parts.

Jaguar: No Communication With Modules After Reconnecting Battery

If the battery supply to the vehicle is disconnected for any reason, the Chassis Control Module may not power-up correctly.

Jaguar Air Ride Diagnostics

The 2004-2009 Jaguar XJ8 and XJR were the first and last Jaguars with four-corner air ride suspension.

Jaguar Tech Tip: Humming Noise From Accessory Drive Belt Idler Pulley

A humming noise may be evident from the engine when the engine is idling. This may be caused by dust or water ingress to the accessory drive belt idler pulley bearing. The idler pulley bracket assembly (C2D51367) must be replaced as a complete assembly and must not be dismantled to a lower level.

Tenneco Supplies Suspension On Jaguar I-PACE All-Electric SUV

The vehicle features Tenneco’s passive front and rear dampers and coil and air spring suspension modules.

Tenneco To Supply Suspension Technology On Jaguar E-PACE SUV

Tenneco’s CVSAe dampers are integrated in the Jaguar Land Rover Adaptive dynamic system, which senses road and driving conditions in real-time, independently adjusting each damper to provide a more comfortable and controlled driving experience.

Jaguar Suspension Service: Ease Diagnostics By Pinpointing Failure-Prone Components

For almost 15 years, Jaguar has been using the same suspension design on the XJ, XK and XF/S-Type platforms. The suspension is very similar to those found on Mercedes-Benz and even Tesla models. Most of the load-bearing components are made of aluminum and have hydraulic bushings in strategic locations. When the suspension is working right, it delivers a great ride and superb handling. When items are worn or damaged, the suspension can annoy the driver with a lot of unpleasant feedback in the seat and steering wheel. Knowing the most common failure and wear items can make for an easy diagnosis.

Dana Secures Contract To Supply Axles For Next-Generation Jaguar, Land Rover Programs

The estimated value for these programs total more than £300 million (approximately $370 million USD).

ACEA Oil Guide: Understanding European Motor Oils

ACEA standards are based on testing developed by the European Engine Lubricants Quality Management System (EELQMS). Think of ACEA as the SAE of Europe and EELQMS as the API/ILSAC in the U.S.

Autologic Diagnostics Introduces Programming On The AssistPlus

Autologic is bringing its BlueBox programming functionality onto its AssistPlus platform for BMW, Jaguar and Land Rover.