Solving VW False Fuel Pressure Reading

Solving VW False Fuel Pressure Reading

First, verify the customer did not run out of fuel at the time the DTCs were stored.

MIL ON with DTCs P310B, P129F, P008B, P129E, P008A, P2540 or P0087 Stored in ECM Fault Memory


  • 2007-2008 Eos (2.0L – BPY)
  • 2007-2008 Jetta (2.0L – BPY)
  • 2007-2008 GTI (2.0L – BPY)
  • 2007-2008 Passat (2.0L – BPY)

Reference Number: SB-10044939-4844

Due to fuel intrusion into the low-pressure system fuel pressure sensor (G410), a false signal may be sent to the controller, resulting in a reading that is out of tolerance. Comparing Measure Value Block 103 with 106 is not an accurate method to diagnose low-side fuel pressure sensor G410. Improvements have been made to new revisions of the G410 fuel pressure sensor.



1. Verify the customer did not run out of fuel at the time the DTCs were stored.

2. Inspect that latest fuel pressure sender P/N 06E 906 051 K (Figure 1) is installed; if not replace the old-style component with the new-style component and run Basic Settings 103 to adapt system.

3. Follow diagnostic program of GFF for applicable DTCs.

4. To check the low-side fuel pressure sensor -G410-, measure the fuel pressure with a mechanical gauge using the following method:

a. Start engine and allow it to idle for at least one minute.

b. Stop the engine.

c. Keep the ignition switch ON.

d. Measure actual low-side fuel pressure via mechanical gauge on the low-pressure supply line in the engine compartment (Figure 2).


5. Add 1 bar (14.5 psi.) to the value obtained from the mechanical gauge to calculate the adjusted gauge measurement value.

6. Compare the adjusted gauge measurement value to the Actual Value stored in MVB 103 field 1.

7. If the MVB 103 field 1 value deviates more than ±1.0 bar (±14.5 psi.) from the adjusted gauge measurement value, then the DTC was likely triggered by a faulty -G410- low-side fuel pressure sensor. 

Sensor Replacement Procedure:

1. Replace the -G410- low-side fuel pressure sensor with P/N 06E 906 051 K.

2. Clear DTCs and verify that the problem was eliminated.

3. Run Basic Settings 103 to adapt system.

4. DO NOT replace the high-pressure fuel pump, electrical fuel pump, fuel pump control module or fuel filter unless problem persists, and further diagnosis indicates a malfunction of any of these components. 

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