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MINI Turbo Service

With more than a million MINIs on the roads, a lot of opportunities exist for shops to service brakes and chassis.

MINI Belts

If you need to replace the belt or water pump, you need to disengage the tensioner.

Low Mini Front Ride Height Correction

The Mini’s body may be riding low on one or both sides due to slippage of a front strut damper.

Mini Cooper Tech Tip: False ‘Service Due’ Message For Brake Pad Thickness

Brake pad thickness warning message is displayed even if the pads are above specifications. The mathematical calculations made by the Condition Based Services Module (CBS) do not agree with the actual brake wear. The CBS uses inputs like vehicle speed, pedal pressure and rotor temperature to determine if the pads require replacement.

MINI Tech Tip: Engine Vibrations Or Noise

The vibration damper rubber insulator located between the drive belt pulley and its center hub has either partly or fully separated (torn). The separation will allow the two components to move independently from each other. The separation will cause vibrations and or noises from the engine compartment.

CARDONE Announces Winner In Technician Video Competition

More than a dozen shops and individuals submitted videos, but the $5,000 grand-prize winner with the most votes was Brett Robbins, who sent in a video on how to change a clutch in a 2010 Mini Cooper.

MINI Undercar Service Opportunities Are Only An Inspection Away

With more than a million MINIs on the roads, a lot of opportunity exists for shops to service brakes and chassis.

ÜRO Parts Thermostat Housings For 2002-’08 Mini Cooper S

ÜRO Parts discovered that the factory plastic thermostat housings in the 2002-2008 Mini Cooper S may fail due to the intense heat generated by forced induction, so the company developed two replacement housings.

MINI Power Loss, Multiple Diagnostic Trouble Codes

The customer says the MINI Cooper loses power between 30 and 40 mph for a couple of seconds, with other components also powering down. The A/C blower will drop, and after the engine picks back up, the MIL illuminates.

Hunter’s AutoComp Elite Brake Lathe Earns Approval From BMW/Mini

The new 7″ touchscreen provides a user-friendly interface that allows technicians to quickly look up required adaptors, operate the lathe including changing cutting direction and speed, and view instructional videos.

MINI Tech Tip: Multiple Components Losing Power

Customer says their MINI loses power between 30-40 mph for a couple of seconds. It also seems like other things “power down.” The A/C blower drops down, and once the engine picks back up, the CEL flashes once.

Mini Cooper: False ‘Brake Service’ Due Message

The yellow “Service Due” warning message lights up in the instrument cluster, even though the brake pad thickness is more than 4.2 mm (above the thickness at which the pad sensor intervenes). The calculated remaining service life for the brake pads (front and/or rear axle) from the CBS data does not match the actual brake pad thickness.