Toyota Squeaking Noise From Rear Suspension 

Toyota Squeaking Noise From Rear Suspension 

Follow the repair procedure in this bulletin to address this condition.

Some 2014 – 2019 model year Highlander and Highlander Hybrid vehicles may exhibit a squeak noise from the rear suspension (Figure 1). This condition may be more noticeable in colder ambient temperatures and may occur when traveling over uneven roads or when the vehicle comes to a complete stop. Follow the repair procedure in this bulletin to address this condition.

Figure 1

Repair Procedure

1. Confirm the condition exists using ChassisEAR™ (or equivalent), test-drive the vehicle over an uneven road surface, such as a sloped driveway, to verify the condition is coming from the bushings. Applying soapy water to the suspected bushing may temporarily diminish the noise intensity and help identify the source of the noise is a squeak noise present? 

Yes  –  continue to Step 2.

No –  this bulletin does not apply and you should proceed with diagnostics in the service information.

2. Before installing new parts, confirm the identification mark as shown. The identification mark on the NEW part faces the outside of the vehicle. If this mark is not present, the part is incorrect and should not be installed. The identification mark on the NEW part faces the outside of the vehicle in Figures 2 and 3.

Figure 2 and 3

3. Replace BOTH rear trailing arm assemblies even if ONLY one side is emitting the squeak noise. 

4. Test-drive the vehicle to verify no squeak noise is present.

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