MADZA Engine Crank/No Start
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MADZA Engine Crank/No Start

MODELS: 2006-2008 MAZDA6 vehicles (not Mazdaspeed 6)

Customers may state they are experiencing one of the following issues:

  • Engine crank/no start
  • Air conditioning inoperative
  • Rear defroster inoperative
  • Improper ambient temperature 

These issues may be caused by a faulty C-04 connector (Figure 1). Disconnect the C-04 connector and inspect the terminals and wires for damage. Repair any loose or damaged terminals as needed. The applicable pins (Figure 2) are as follows:

  • Engine crank/no start – W/G or G/R wires (Fuel Pump Relay)
  • Air conditioning inoperative – GY/B wire (A/C Pressure Switch)
  • Rear defroster inoperative – V/R wire (Rear Window Defroster Relay to Center Panel)
  • Improper ambient temperature display – Y/G wire (Airflow Mode Actuator to Ambient Temperature Sensor). 

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