Wheel Service Packages Can Help Identify Customer Interest
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Wheel Service Packages Can Help Identify Customer Interest

There are many bundled wheel services that can be offered in single-price quote packages to meet your customers’ needs.

Offering your customer different levels of tire service – from basic installations to complete recommended packages – will help you quickly identify whether the customer is primarily interested in price or the quality and scope of the service provided.

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An effective way to increase your sales is to increase consumer awareness of the sub-services included in the installation packages. A written price list of “á la carte” pricing can become the sub-services that are bundled and itemized into basic and recommended packages at discounted prices. 

As an example, when asked the price of a tire, the tire price alone is “cash and carry,” and then the basic and recommended installation choices of “mounted and balanced” discounted package prices can be developed through your sub-menu of services. This gives you the opportunity to build customer appreciation, knowledge and trust in the superior value your shop offers in simple but defined packaged pricing. Listing sub-services on the ticket also becomes the shop checklist to consistently complete the repairs. Additional services in the shop such as brakes and wheel alignment can also be added with the same “á la carte” listing and bundling philosophy in mind.


Vehicle inspections and diagnostic time to define needed repairs are also a great marketing tool, but don’t necessarily have to be done for free. A vehicle inspection process or diagnostic fee could be waived if the customer chooses to have a maintenance service performed or the discovered component failure repaired. During the inspection, the findings and “declined” recommended services should be documented and removed from the repair estimate.

There are many bundled wheel services that can be offered in single-price quote packages to meet your customers’ needs. Even though you offer them for free, they still have value. They help to draw and build customer loyalty and also provide your shop the opportunity to uncover other necessary repairs.


Here are some ways to help market the services. These are suggested prices and pricing and packaging will depend on your shop’s offerings and market factors.

Free with Oil Change

• 20-Point Vehicle Inspection, Tire Rotation and Road Test, $39 value

Noise, vibration, steering and brake performance test, brake linings, lighting, suspension and steering components, alignment check, driveline check, battery load test, windshield wipers, air filter, oil and fluid levels and air filter inspection.

Tire Services

• Free Tire Check and Set Air Pressures, Inspect Tires, $15 value

Tires set to vehicle recommended placard pressure. Tires checked for abnormal wear and foreign object damage.

• Free Flat Repair Service, $30.99 value

Internal tire check for damage inspection, premium safety plug-patch repair and rebalance. 

Tire Installation Services

• Tire Demounting and Mounting, $19.99

Damage-free rim clamping and tire removal, high-performance tire mounting lubrication, uniformity enhancing tire inflation, torque all lug nuts to vehicle specification, and includes tire disposal fee.


• Rim Bead Seat Inspection and Cleaning, $10.99

Cleaning corroded bead seats prevents air loss and improves tire uniformity. 

• TPMS Reprogramming, $18.99

Wheel position location change.

• Valve Stem Replacement or TPMS Service Kit, $4.99-$12.99

Recommended at tire replacement to prevent future air loss.

• TPMS Sensor Replacement, $10.99 + parts

TPMS replacement in complete sets is recommended due to similarities in battery life.

• Dynamic Wheel Balance, $20.99

Precision-centered, cosmetic-protected wheel clamping, dynamic weight correction.

• Hidden Weight Dynamic Wheel Balance, $22.99

Includes essential balancing and adhesive hidden weight placement.

• RFV Premium Dynamic Wheel Balance, $25.99

Includes essential balance, tire uniformity diagnostics, tire-rim and vehicle hub match mounting.

Tire Purchase and Installation Packages

Add tire “cash and carry” price to installation packages below. 


• “Good” Installation Package, $31.99 ($40.98 value)

Tire demounting, disposal fee and pro-mounting, as well as dynamic wheel balance.

• “Better” Installation Package, $39.99 ($61.97 value)

Tire demounting, disposal fee and pro-mounting, hidden weight dynamic wheel balance, and TPMS position reprogramming.

• “Best” Installation Package, $43.99 (86.95 value)

Tire demounting, disposal fee and pro-mounting, rim bead seat inspection and cleaning, RFV premium dynamic wheel balance, valve stem replacement or TPMS service kit, and TPMS position reprogramming.

Of course, an extensive list of tire services requires the correct tools, equipment and parts to be available to your technicians, along with the necessary training and team awareness of the process.


The ability to offer the highest level of service with customers accepting what best fits their needs and budget is an education and selling process that must remain consistent at the front counter. Packaged single-priced services are simple to understand for your customer, but the sub-services within packages is more important for your customer to understand as it provides the details that underscore the value of their total service package. 

Documentation and communication can set your business apart from competitors and educate customers about what they can expect to receive when they come to your shop. Documenting details of the repair service on the job ticket also provides a reminder to the technicians about the processes that must be adhered to in order to provide the most consistent quality repair. The invoice should reflect the repair details and sometimes even declined service recommendations to solidify the best understanding of the repair provided. 


Adopting simple package pricing, service detail and outfitting your shop with the correct tools, equipment and team training will deliver greater sales and more customers returning to your dealership. This, in turn, will allow customers to spread goodwill by recommending your shop to friends and be a healthy payback on your investment.

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