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Bendix Celebrates 9M Bendix Remanufactured Brake Shoes

As demand for reman shoes grows and safety technology advances, wheel-end performance matters even more, says Bendix.

Brake Line Replacement Options

We’ve got all the rules for replacing brake lines for you right here.

Tech Tip: Brake Pad Efficiency with Burnishing

Old rotors should be replaced or resurfaced, and the hub-mounting surface should be cleaned thoroughly.

Why European Import Brake Surfaces Need Extra Attention

Brake rotor finish is an important topic when it comes to European vehicles because they are more sensitive to poor (rough) surface finishes and irregularities in the casting process.

Inspecting Brake Hoses With Your Hands Helps Prevent Failure

A proper brake hose inspection should include checking all hoses for cuts, cracking or swelling. Brake hoses often crack around the metal sleeve that seals the hose to the metal fitting, so be sure to pay close attention to these areas.

Toyota Brake Repair Tips

If you are replacing a caliper that has locked up and created a great deal of heat, you should also replace the brake hose. This is a good practice anytime, but particularly important with the Toyota line, as the hose can fail at the caliper fitting after being subjected to the extreme heat.

Harder Rotor Surfaces Increase Customer Satisfaction With Brake Jobs

On most vehicles, the primary component of brake dust is material from the rotor – not the pads. When rotors become worn, drivers may experience pedal pulsation. What is the solution? Make harder rotor surfaces. That is what GM, and now Porsche, have done on some of their vehicles.

Tech Tip: Subaru Electric Parking Brake Inoperative

This bulletin announces a new replacement EPB actuator assembly to address DTC C0251. In isolated cases, the automatic calibration function of the EPB actuator may not always occur when turning the ignition on.

Properly Dealing With New Rotors

New rotors, either OE or aftermarket, are supposed to be finished to specifications and ready to install out of the box. There should be no reason to give them a “clean up” cut. If there is one, you need to find a different rotor supplier.

VIDEO: Brake Pull Diagnostics And Steering

Andrew Markel discusses the science of brake pulls, including common causes and what to repair when they happen. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

Race To The Bottom: Why Charging More For Brake Jobs Keeps Customers Coming Back

Why is everyone chasing the cheapest brake service? It often seems that new-car dealers, chains and some independent shops are locked in a race to the bottom when it comes to brake service.

Let Your Foot Be Your Guide In Helping Assess Brake System Integrity

Chances are your foot will know the condition of a vehicle’s brakes and the quality of the brake pads before your mind puts it all together. Consider this: Stopping a 4,000-lb. vehicle requires a driver to press on a pedal to generate friction at the wheels. What happens in between the pedal and pads can determine how much pressure the driver is required to apply to stop the vehicle in a safe distance.