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Jaguar Air Ride Diagnostics

The 2004-2009 Jaguar XJ8 and XJR were the first and last Jaguars with four-corner air ride suspension.

Engineering Better Belt Systems

The belt drive system is working hardest when the engine is at idle.

Import Insights: Risky Business?

In our March 1990 issue, ImportCar profiled several entrepreneurs who believed that partnering with like- minded service facilities in a car care mall was the best way for import specialists to service their customers.

K-Seal SolvTec Tech Tip: Curing Heater Core Leaks

The automatic response is to turn up the blowers to try and clear the mist, but this only compounds the problem.

CARDONE Tech Tip: Installing Aluminum Brake Calipers

When you install the caliper, the banjo bolt gets fed through the end of the brake hose and mounts to the inlet of the caliper.

PRO Maxx Tools Tech Tip: Drill Bits Versus Machine Grade Tooling

It’s easy to misunderstand the term “drill bit,” which refers to a cutting tool with a spiral flute that is used to cut wood, steel, concrete or just about any other material.

IPA Tools Tech Tip: Uneven Brake Wear

If a customer has uneven brake wear and you just assume it is a bad caliper and replace it, you may be guessing incorrectly. Imploded brake hoses and stuck proportioning valves produce hidden symptoms that are not easily diagnosed.

SKF Tech Tip: Replacing A Wheel Hub Flange, Bearing Guide

Damaged parts or improper torquing can cause premature hub failure and issues with overall vehicle performance.

Alignment Specs: Scion FR-S And Subaru BR-Z

The alignment of these vehicles is straightforward, and a lot of adjustment is built into the vehicle.

10 Cartridge Oil Filter Tips

Cartridge oil filters make potential mistakes more likely because they require more knowledge and tools to properly change the oil than a canister filter.

Better Engines Need Better Filters

The new technology allows smaller displacement engines to produce more power. But this put increased stress on the oil and filters.

Understanding Catalytic Converters

When servicing catalytic converters, it’s important to have a basic understanding of how they operate.