Mary DellaValle, Author at Import Car
Accelera by Cummins Awarded $75M Grant from Dept. of Energy

Cummins will match the grant and invest a total of $150 in battery electric vehicle component manufacturing and job creation.

MPA Releases ‘Part Smart’ Training Videos

From common knowledge to vehicle specific, two new MPA ‘Part Smart’ videos cover a range of knowledge, the company said.

AMN Drivetime: Cal Ganda’s Continental Journey

Ganda embodies servitude leadership, prioritizing team success and customer-centricity.

BendPak to Debut Eight-Armed Car Lift Concept at NADA

Octa-Flex improves technician productivity, convenience and ergonomics, according to BendPak.

Winning The Customer Care Game

Putting customer care first can have a measurable impact on your bottom line.

Seasonal Vehicle Maintenance Opportunities Emerge

As consumer spending recovers, what type of rebound in delayed vehicle maintenance services will repair shops see?

Editor’s Notebook: Here’s My Promise…

This hand-written letter from Terry Weiss comes at a good time. His shop has been in business for 45 years – opening in 1974 – just five years before ImportCar was founded. As you will see from his comments, his success is attributed to good, old-fashioned customer service and highest-quality repairs. It’s a fitting picture of what pioneer import specialist shops looked like more than four decades ago, and the resources they used to be successful.

What Is The Value Of Routine Vehicle Maintenance?

The first step in keeping your customers’ vehicles in top-running condition is getting them in the mindset about the value of preventive maintenance, so that they take a proactive role in having you regularly maintain their vehicles, says Mary DellaValle, editor of ImportCar magazine.

Drivers More Familiar With Emojis Than The TPMS Warning Light

As connected and empowered that most young adults are today, you would think they would know more about how to properly care for their vehicle. But, new survey data reveals quite the opposite is true. For example, the TPMS symbol, designed to alert drivers of low air pressure in one or more of their tires, is foreign to many drivers, underscoring the importance of your role in ensuring customer safety and maintaining vehicle system integrity, says Mary DellaValle, editor of ImportCar magazine.

Shift In Vehicle Mix Continues To Spotlight Import Brands

The new year always brings new opportunities based on the overall economic climate, consumer confidence levels, gas prices, miles driven, average vehicle age, the profile of vehicles on the road, and the list goes on. With so many variables in the mix, I’m honing in on a few notable industry insights, and providing a few takeaways, that shed positive light on our industry, says Mary DellaValle, editor of ImportCar magazine.

Emerging Technologies: Are You Ready For ADAS?

While the term “ADAS” might not be familiar to you, you may better know the technology as automatic emergency braking and lane departure warning. Familiarize yourself with the ADAS features that are specific to the vehicles on which you’re working. Industry experts say that the complexity of these systems is only going to increase, so make sure you are ready to service and repair them, says Mary DellaValle, editor of ImportCar magazine.

Elevating Technicians’ Image Takes A Village

In this new age of vehicle electrification, alternative mobility, autonomous driving and connected vehicles, the need for skilled, expert technicians couldn’t be greater, says Mary DellaValle, editor of ImportCar magazine.