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100 Years And Just Getting Started

In 2020, Babcox Media – the parent corporation of ImportCar – will celebrate 100 years of dedication to the automotive industry.

Doug Kaufman, Editorial Director

In 2020, Babcox Media – the parent corporation of ImportCar – will celebrate 100 years of dedication to the automotive industry. I’m not going to give away our plans for the year-long party just yet, but you may have noticed with this issue that we put on our fancy clothes and are getting gussied up.

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It’s not every day that a company in this (or any) industry makes it this far down the road, especially having the same family behind the steering wheel. Babcox Media, formed by Edward S. Babcox in 1920, has thrived under the auspices of his son Tom and, currently, his grandson Bill.

I think it’s fair to say that Edward would have been intrigued by the changes and challenges in today’s industry and he would have done everything in his power to remain relevant within it.

Call it a family legacy, because the current leadership feels the same way. You’ll definitely notice the obvious changes to this magazine – graphics, colors, typefaces, page designs – that may look different but are carefully designed to enhance your involvement with our product. You MAY notice continued cooperation between our industry experts and corporate partners that are intended to help businesses at all levels be more profitable and successful.

What you WON’T see is any drop-off in the technical, marketing and productivity-based content that you have come to expect from us. Whether it’s in print, online or in any other format Edward and Tom could have only dreamed about, just because we may be in fancy new clothes, we’re still with you behind the service counter and out there in the shop. We promise to continue providing the information you need to prepare for and repair your next customer’s vehicle.


There have been a few redesigns of major significance in the history of the automotive industry – personally, I think the change from the 1962 to the 1963 Corvette ranks right up there. Not only were there cosmetic upgrades but performance was impressive as well. I think you’ll find that the next generation of ImportCar is just as exciting.

Some would say 100 years has been a really good run. I’d suggest that it’s actually nothing more than a solid start. 

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