Top Marketing Trends

Top Marketing Trends

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Successfully Driving Digital Marketing

The success of digital marketing seems pretty simple on the surface. Get found online and get more customers. However, successfully navigating that road may be a little more complex. It can take an abundance of time and require efforts that owners cannot navigate independently.

Everyone wants new customers, and with the internet booming, what better way for those in the automotive industry to tap into some really powerful marketing. Autoshop Solutions takes us on a new customer journey with ten ways to navigate your digital marketing.

Did you know mobile traffic accounts for more than half of all traffic? Make sure your site is mobile responsive! Most top-ranked websites are mobile-friendly, with at least half of the web searchers using voice.

Unique Content
It’s essential to have unique content. And that means more than just words. Custom content sets you apart from the competition. Your content needs to signal search engines to tell what your business does. It should be authentic and tell your story.

SEO optimizes your content with keywords representing your business and your services. Working with a content expert can help you and your business stand out from the competition.

Wondering what kind of content to create?
YouTube packs a big punch and dominates the content marketing industry, with no one else offering a platform like it to share videos for advertising. The social media platform has 210 million users in the U.S. alone.

Videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute of the day, and most YouTube views come from mobile devices. Nearly all customers say videos help make buying decisions; more prefer watching a product video to reading about it.

Blogs show your customers you are a trusted expert with the know-how to diagnose and fix the problem. Custom blogs tailored to your services and keywords can highlight your business and label you as an authority.

Google My Business (GMB)
How is your business listed, and can your customers find you? You can engage with customers on Google for free.

Name Address Phone (NAP)
Make sure your name, address, and phone number are listed correctly. Your information is crucial for optimizing your online presence and can affect how search engines rank your business. Incorrect information can also discredit your business, make it hard for customers to find you, and raise concerns that you are not trustworthy.

Facebook remains the most popular social media platform, with more than 90 percent of online marketers using it. Close to 80 percent use Instagram. Be sure you are using the right voice for each social media platform.

Paid Ad Creation
Pay per click (PPC) and customer reviews are two avenues that can boost your business or break it. Consider running a PPC campaign and see how your business grows.

Direct Mail
Direct mail can help your multi-channel marketing efforts by targeting a specific region or audience. Someone out there is looking for you, so let their mail show them you’re in the neighborhood.

Get customer reviews and make sure you’re getting good ones. Online reviews affect potential customers’ views of your business, meaning your clients fuel your growth. Since the pandemic, online reviews have become even more important, with around 90 percent of clients reading them to help make buying decisions.

We have helped our clients increase their call volume, expand their ARO by finding the right clients online, and get them ranking on Google with our Marketing Services. All this equates to our customers continuing to grow their businesses.

The Autoshop Solutions team worked with Carmine F. Cupani, owner of Carmine’s Import Service, during his website redesign. The goal was to represent the perfect image he wanted his website to portray for his shop. The site ended up winning the 2022 Hermes Gold Award.

“These amazing [teams] were able to capture the image that was in my head,” said Cupani. “I just know when something looks right“.

Are you ready to boost your brand with some really powerful marketing solutions? Autoshop Solutions can help! Contact us today to learn more about which RPM program is right for your auto repair shop or visit our website at

Sponsored by Autoshop Solutions

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