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VVT Systems (VIDEO)

It’s important to remember that VVT is a system, not a single component or a part. This video is sponsored by Standard.

Performing a VVT Service Properly (VIDEO)

When servicing a VVT issue, take your time and follow the steps.
This video is sponsored by Standard.

Variable Valve Timing Benefits And Systems Overview (VIDEO)

What is variable valve timing and how does it affect the way the engine operates? This video is sponsored by Standard.

Understanding The Vanos Valvetrain

The two most common failures for a VANOS system are related to the quality of the oil.

VIDEO: The VVT Phaser And Oil Control Solenoid Connection

Here’s how the camshaft phaser and oil control solenoid components work together. This video is sponsored by NGK and NTK.

Honda: Variable Valve Timing Noise At Start Up

At cold start-up, a Honda engine rattles loudly for about two seconds. What could the possible cause be?

VIDEO: VVT Actuator Rattles On Cold Start

Andrew Markel helps diagnose a customer complaint of a rattle or clunk from the engine when the vehicle is started in the morning, and how oil pressure could affect the variable valve timing system. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

Import Oil Specification Primer

As engine technology has evolved and fuel efficiency standards have tightened, oil specs have increased in importance. Using the wrong viscosity could set a fault code in some applications or interfere with the normal operation of the variable valve timing system. VVT engines not only require a specific oil viscosity, but also require an oil that keeps the pulse-modulated variable valve timing solenoids clean, lubricated and free of small air bubbles.

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