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Wheel Bearing Add-Ons

Wheel bearing service, no matter the bearing design, can be a difficult job. There are new products and add-ons to the ticket that can give the customer a completely repaired vehicle.

Servicing R1234yf: Are You Ready?

R1234yf, tabbed the replacement for R134a, has been in service now for a few years on certain models from FCA and GM as well as several European models. R1234yf is estimated to be fitted on 35 million vehicles worldwide. The EU has already banned R134a as of Jan. 2017, and the U.S. will follow suit by 2020. While most independent shops haven’t had to deal with it yet, you will start seeing them soon, so you should be prepared to service them by getting the right tools.

Consumer In-Vehicle Internet Connectivity On The Rise

If you think that your customers aren’t literally tied to the web, think again. Recent survey results from Metova, a global provider of mobile, connected car, connected home and IoT solutions, revealed that more than half of respondents own a car that connects to the internet – either directly or via their phone, says Mary DellaValle, editor of ImportCar magazine.

What’s The Buzz Over Electric Vehicles? Mainstream Appeal Sparks Demand

What makes them so attractive? With lower-than-average ownership costs, increased driving ranges and the latest advanced safety features, AAA sees a strong future for electric vehicles, says Mary DellaValle, editor of ImportCar magazine.

Preventing Turbocharger Breakdown

With more and more vehicles employing a turbocharger to achieve power and fuel efficiency from a downsized engine, the importance of maintenance is more critical than ever. Up to 50 percent of turbocharger failures are due to oiling problems, which can result from the lack of lubrication or not cooling down enough after the engine is shut down.

Tech Tip: Four Ways To Make Brakes Last Longer

No one looks forward to coming in for a brake job. But, explaining to customers how to extend the life of their brakes and save money is a no-brainer. It builds trust and loyalty. From a pure safety issue, remind customers that brake pads and hardware last an average of 35,000 to 45,000 miles and should always be checked at that point.

Motor Mount Logic

Engines have noticeably changed in the past decade. Fewer cylinders, more power at lower RPM and more detectable vibration at idle are just a few of the differences in today’s engines. With these changes, it should be no surprise that engine and transmission mounts have taken on new importance. New technologies are being used that access information from the engine to anticipate vibration before it reaches the driver.

Air Ride FAQs

An air ride system uses three basic inputs to determine if the system is operating properly. First, the pressure sensor measures pressure at the reservoir or after the compressor. Second, the ride height sensors measure the position of the wheel in the wheel well. Third, sensors that are not directly connected to the air ride system measure the ambient air temperature, vehicle speed and system voltage.

A/C Compressor Replacement: Doing A Visual Inspection & Checking For Leaks And Debris Eases Diagnostics

The A/C compressor is a complex component in today’s vehicles. It not only compresses the refrigerant that is circulated through the system, but it is basically the heart of the A/C system and can be affected by other components not doing their jobs.

Air Ride Diagnostic FAQs Point You In The Right Direction

Does air ride scare you? Would you prefer to sell a conversion kit rather than diagnose an air ride code or light? You are not alone. On the surface, these systems can seem complex when compared to metal springs. But, once you understand how the system senses the vehicle’s state and how the air pressure is managed, air ride diagnostics and service won’t seem so overwhelming.

Suspension Bushing Logic

Suspensions have gone softer with larger-diameter bushings, compared to 20 years ago. During this time, both ride quality and handling have gotten better. Most modern bushings augment the geometry of the suspension. As the vehicle loads the suspension, movement in the bushings can change the toe, camber and caster so that the vehicle is more stable under braking, cornering and acceleration.

TPMS Service Kits: The Key To TPMS Maintenance

Anytime a tire is removed from the rim of a vehicle, a new TPMS kit must be installed. The existing sensor kit could be brand new or years old, but every tire removal should include the replacement of the TPMS sensor kit. Not replacing the kits could cause big problems with tire pressure and the vehicle’s TPMS if not properly serviced.