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Dayco Enhances Drive Belt Training Program

Dayco Products has enhanced its new Drive Belt Training program to include a $10 rebate for its Belt Diagnostic Kit (laser alignment tool).

Veyance Technologies Expands Coverage with 175 New Part Numbers in Aftermarket, Heavy-Duty Lines

Veyance Technologies, manufacturer of Goodyear Engineered Products, has announced the release of 175 new part numbers to its automotive aftermarket and heavy-duty product lines for the first quarter of 2012.

Tech Tip: Proper Maintenance of Heater and Bypass Hose is a Priority for Peak Engine Performance

Heater and bypass hose should be inspected and maintained to maximize hose life and catch potential failures before they happen. And if replacement is necessary, it’s important to understand the options.

Tech Feature: Subaru Service Essentials

My stint at being a service advisor for a number of dealer service departments over the years gave me a lot of experience in “bundling” services into a package. Having a service plan or “menu” built value for the customer. It also provided the service department with reliable income. Though there are good and bad points to service menus, the basic idea is a good one, and works well for any kind of automotive service or repair facility.

Gates Corp. Adds QR Codes to Micro-V AT Serpentine Belt Packaging

The QR codes allow Gates customers to instantly access product information, specifications, installation instructions, selling tips and troubleshooting information by using an application on their smartphones.

Tech Feature: Why Aftermarket Belts are Lasting Longer

Serpentine belts made of EPDM may last up to 100,000 miles or more before they have to be replaced. But that doesn’t mean they will last forever. A serpentine belt that’s aging or slipping may develop a hard glazed surface that makes the belt noisy. Aerosol belt treatments may quiet the noise for a while, but sooner or later you’ll have to replace your customer’s belt.

Jimmie Johnson Named 2010 Gatorback Belts Fastest Lap Champion

Accomplished NASCAR driver secures fourth consecutive Fastest Lap Award on top of fifth consecutive Cup series; Goodyear Gatorback belts drive performance under the hoods of every NASCAR Cup racecar and on the street.

Tech Tip: Inspecting Your Accessory Drive System

An often overlooked, but critical system within your vehicle is the accessory drive system. In the basic configuration, this includes a pulley on an engine powered shaft, a pulley on a driven accessory and a belt. The belt, by design, is the most likely component of the drive system to actually fail. It is much more advantageous for the belt to slip or break than to break other system components.

Tech Tip: Sealing Pipe Connections on Porsche Expansion Valve

Under certain circumstances, refrigerant loss from the area of the expansion valve pipe connections can be misdiagnosed as a defective expansion valve. As of production date October 1993, a longer bolt has been used in the installation of the A/C lines to the expansion valve. The new bolt is installed as a precaution to prevent the expansion valve from distorting, which could cause a leak at the pipe connections on the expansion valve.

Tech Tip: Shim Calms Chirping Noises in Honda Models

Some Honda owners may complain of a chirp from the lower timing belt area. The noise is most often noticed at idle, usually after the engine has warmed up. The probable cause is the idler pulley mounting surface is tilted, causing the edge of the timing belt to rub against the side of the pulser flange on the drive pulley (gear).

Racing Report: NASCAR Belt Technology is ‘On Track’

Goodyear engineer Mike Gregg has played a part of the four-straight championship trophies the No. 48 team has hoisted — not to mention the great racing all NASCAR teams entertain fans with every weekend.