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Timing Belt Kit Unboxing (Video)

Make sure to replace timing belts at recommended service intervals. This video is sponsored by Continental.

Stretch Belt Inspection And Installation (Video)

When inspecting a stretch belt, measure the depths of the groove. This video is sponsored by Continental.

Serpentine Drive Belt Kit Unboxing (Video)

Most cars today have a single belt drive system that runs all the important accessories. Sponsored by Continental.

How To Measure Belt Wear (Video)

Belts wearing out isn’t a new phenomenon but is important to keep track of. This video is sponsored by Continental.

Upgraded Coolant Hose for BMW V8s

Upgraded hose assemblies were developed with input and feedback from BMW service experts.

VIDEO: Mileage, Age And Conditions Matter For Belt Replacement

Always first diagnose why the belt needs to be replaced. This video is sponsored by Continental.

Preventive Cooling System Service: Keeping P0128 Codes Away

Of the engine’s two vital fluid systems, lubrication and cooling, the cooling system might need more routine maintenance. If we don’t inspect and service the cooling system as required, the system might fail well before the next extended interval oil change is due. With that said, let’s explore a few ways to inspect cooling systems on extended maintenance interval vehicles.

Honda Accord Timing Belt Replacement On 2.2- And 2.3-Liter Engines

These tips outline the belt replacement for the popular 2.2- and 2.3-liter Accord engines. The other Honda engines are similar, but don’t require the balance belt. They shouldn’t present any challenge to the experienced tech, but there are some things to keep in mind as you tackle these jobs.

Honda timing belt
Jeep: Tapping Sound After Engine Warm Up

Some customers may ­experience a tapping sound from the engine compartment after ­engine warm up. This bulletin involves the ­installation of a serpentine drive belt and a new design idler pulley using a revised belt routing. MODELS: 2007–’08 (KA) Nitro

ASE G1 Test Prep: Understand Engine Cooling Systems

Passing the ASE Auto Maintenance and Light Repair (G1) Test requires in-depth knowledge of an engine’s cooling system and how each component affects the overall performance of an engine over time. The emphasis is on inspection. Here is a refresher.

Goodyear Engineered Products Introduces New PartFinder Mobile App

Veyance Technologies Inc., manufacturer of Goodyear Engineered Products, has released the new Goodyear Engineered Products PartFinder mobile app. According to Veyance, the app allows you to easily find the right parts, including belts, hoses, tensioners, hydraulics and air springs.

CRP Offers ContiTech Accessory Drive System Service Poster To Help Educate Vehicle Owners

CRP Automotive, a leading source of OE-quality replacement and service parts, has developed a special ContiTech Accessory Drive System Service Poster, which is part of an overall support program for its ContiTech Serpentine Belts and Accessory Drive Kits.