EVgo Recognized with 1st Place Leadership Award

EVgo Recognized with 1st Place Leadership Award

The Los Angeles Dept. of Water & Power honored EVgo for its commitment to transportation electrification.

EVgo Inc. announced that the company was recognized with a first place Leadership Award for Level 3 Electric Vehicle Charging – also known as DC fast charging – by the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (LADWP). EVgo was honored as part of LADWP’s “Electrification of Transportation” category for its success deploying DC fast charging infrastructure in the Los Angeles metro area, expanding access to public charging in support of the state’s nation-leading climate goals.

LADWP’s 9th-annual Sustainability Awards recognized the utility’s customers and partners for their positive environmental impacts achieved throughout 2023. The event celebrated organizations across four categories including Energy Efficiency, Water Conservation, Electrification of Transportation, and Demand Response. Awards were distributed to organizations with first, second, and third place rankings across each category.

EVgo’s network footprint has grown by nearly 90% in the Los Angeles metro area, one of the nation’s top markets for electric vehicles, from 293 fast charging stalls at the end of 2020 to over 550 DC fast charging stalls today, the company said. Access to public infrastructure is critical for urban areas such as Los Angeles, where, according to a study by UCLA’s Luskin Center, EV drivers residing in multifamily dwellings are more likely to rely on public charging. EVgo has a long history of collaboration with LADWP, including ongoing efforts with the utility and city agencies to streamline deployments of accessible EV charging infrastructure in Los Angeles through permitting and zoning reforms the company said.

“Receiving this recognition from LADWP is a testament to the value and importance of EVgo’s ongoing collaborations with utilities and other entities within the broader EV charging ecosystem,” said Sandeep Jayaram, executive vice president of operations at EVgo. “We look forward to our continued partnership with LADWP to advance the deployment of public EV charging infrastructure and provide access to the much-needed charging resources for EV drivers in the Los Angeles metro region.”

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