January 2022 Archives - Import Car
Mercedes-Benz Direct Injection

You may think that direct injection is rather new technology, but it might surprise you to hear how long it has been around.

Diagnosing High Failure Rates in Electronic Throttle Bodies

Electronic throttle control faults can occur and they can be frustrating for motorists as well as technicians. 

Toyota Oil Leak Diagnosis and Repair

This bulletin explains how to determine the differences between a fluid leak and a fluid seep.

Diesel Volkswagen MIL ON, Incorrect Glow Plug Faults

Technical information to help diagnose and service fault codes on certain diesel Volkswagens.

Porsche Active Motor Mounts

Over the years, motor mounts have evolved from when they were just an item to mount the engine to the frame or unibody.

Is It Really That Bad?

It can be challenging keeping up with new technology. But, it has been this way for almost 100 years.

Adapting Sensors For Changing Inputs

Let’s focus our attention today on one small facet of the technology inside modern vehicles: Adaptations.

BMW Jerking Or Shuddering From The Driveline

Here are the steps to follow incase of sudden jerking or shuddering while accelerating or driving with low to medium loads.

Toyota Steering Recalibration

Here are some recommendations to follow after experiencing abnormal steering sensations.

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