Toyota Steering Recalibration

Toyota Steering Recalibration

Here are some recommendations to follow after experiencing abnormal steering sensations.

After Abnormal Steering Sensation or Battery Disconnect


2019-2020 RAV4

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Some customers may experience an abnormal steering sensation (“pulling” or “drifting”). Condition may be more pronounced with ADAS systems (LTA, LKA, DRCC) turned on or after a cold soak.

Steering Angle value displayed may be greater than +3° off when the steering wheel is held straight. Every time the vehicle’s battery is disconnected or discharged, the Steering Sensor Zero Point Calibration and Steering Angle Neutral Point memorization must be performed.


1. Check for DTCs. If found, proceed with the repair recommended in the repair information.

2. If no DTCs are found, proceed with the Steering Sensor Zero Point Calibration described in the service information. The procedure requires driving vehicle straight at speed greater than 10 mph for gas models or greater than 22 mph for HV model. The minimum time is more than one second for gas models, or more than five seconds for HV models.

3. After performing the Steering Sensor Zero Point Calibration, proceed with memorizing the Steering Angle Neutral Point described in the service information that typically involves fully turning the steering wheel lock-to-lock on level ground.

4. After performing both calibration sequences described above, confirm that the abnormal steering sensation has been corrected.

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