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AXLE NUT VIDEO: Can You Over-Tighten?

Andrew Markel discusses bearing installation and how the torque specification of axle nuts should be closely followed. Sponsored by FAG.

VIDEO: Pre-Loading Bearings: What’s Going On Inside?

Andrew Markel discusses pre-loading wheel bearings, and how it affects the geometry of the inside of the bearing. Sponsored by FAG.

wheel bearing pre load video featured
VIDEO: Wheel Bearing Seals And Drag

Andrew Markel discusses the importance of the wheel bearing seal, and how a filing seal can cause drag during vehicle operation. Sponsored by FAG.

VIDEO: Pre-Loading Wheel Bearings Off The Vehicle

Andrew Markel discusses wheel bearings, and how the process of orbital forming is important to pre-loading bearings off the vehicle. Sponsored by FAG.

Wheel Bearing Add-Ons

Wheel bearing service, no matter the bearing design, can be a difficult job. There are new products and add-ons to the ticket that can give the customer a completely repaired vehicle.

Hybrid Wheel Bearing Service

There are more than four million hybrid vehicles in the U.S. All of them are equipped with brakes and wheel bearings. When servicing hybrid vehicles, it is critical that the hybrid or regenerative brake systems be disabled. It should also be a common practice to remove the keys from the vehicle and place them in an area that is far enough away from the vehicle, as some hybrid systems will sense if the key is near. As the driver approaches the vehicle, some vehicles will not only unlock the doors, but also activate systems like brakes and the drivetrain.

VIDEO: What Is The Brinell Scale?

Andrew Markel explains the Brinell scale using an example from a curb hit, and how that damage can cause a wheel bearing to slowly destroy itself over time. Sponsored by BCA Bearings.

VIDEO: Replacing Gen 1 Wheel Bearings

Andrew Markel discusses Gen 1 wheel bearings, and how this simple wheel bearing can be the most complicated to install. Sponsored by BCA Bearings.

Drivetrain: Live Axle Bearing Replacement

Replacing wheel bearings on a vehicle with a live rear axle may not be one of the most frequent jobs you do, but it can be one of the most profitable. While the basics have not changed in more than 60 years, new seal materials and differential designs have added new wrinkles to the process.