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Five Tips for your Next Wheel Bearing Job

These practical tips are designed to save you time and frustration, ensuring a smooth, noise-free outcome for your customers.

Wheel Bearings Components

Follow along to learn what you may encounter when dealing with a Gen 1 wheel bearing. This video is sponsored by The Group Training Academy.

Being A Better Listener

Keep the questions as broad as possible. Make sure you take notes and put them on the repair order.

Cartridge (Gen 1) Wheel Bearing Installation

These types of bearings are used by Toyota, VW and many other import nameplates.

Wheel Bearings Are Critical For Peak Mercedes-Benz Performance

Wheel speed data for the majority of Mercedes vehicles comes from active wheel speed sensors.

What Is Behind Wheel Bearing Noise?

The classic symptom of a bad wheel bearing is typically a cyclic chirping, squealing or growling noise.

SKF Tech Tip: Replacing A Wheel Hub Flange, Bearing Guide

Damaged parts or improper torquing can cause premature hub failure and issues with overall vehicle performance.

VIDEO: Clicking From The CV Joint Or Axle? Check Out This TSB

Andrew Markel introduces a TSB from Nissan involving noise from the area of the CV joint, and discusses what could be causing the noise. Sponsored by Nissan.

Ex’Splining’ New Wheel Bearing Designs

Better designs are needed to accommodate large diameter wheels, which apply a heavier bending movement on the hub’s flange. Also, many of today’s vehicles have twice the power compared to new models of just a decade ago. This extra power can cause stress on the splines and stub axle.

Fiat Wheel Bearing Failure Analysis

This 2014 Fiat Abarth was brought in with the customer being concerned about a noise coming from the left rear. He was convinced that it was a tire. The noise was cyclical and it increased with speed. During inspection, the bearing had no detectable play, the tires were evenly worn, and no ABS wheel speed sensor codes were present. On the lift, the left bearing was significantly noisier than the right bearing when turned by hand. But, no extra play could be detected.

Wheel Bearing Technology: Don’t Become Complacent

I know some of you think the wheel bearing replacement does not merit an article, but this attitude can cause a comeback for late-model European vehicles. Wheel bearings are changing because the vehicles they are attached to and the brake rotors located on the other side are evolving. This has changed the designs and specifications for most bearings.

VIDEO: How Much Flange Runout Is Too Much?

Andrew Markel discusses wheel bearing flanges and how runout in one component can translate into more runout in the bearing. Sponsored by FAG, a Schaeffler brand.