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Today’s Normal Echoes Yesterday’s Innovation

There’s a lot of talk about brand new technology rocking the auto industry and we cover these topics regularly in ImportCar.

Industry Under The Microscope: Transparency Brings Opportunities To The Aftermarket

In the aftermarket, there are new challenges to mend customer confidence and a need for a greater focus on restoring customer trust.

Emerging Technologies Pave The Way For An Evolving Service Landscape

Technological advancements have always been a mainstay of our business because they provide the framework for evolving aftermarket service opportunities. But as developments accelerate at an even faster pace than in years past, be sure to look in your rearview mirror to see what’s closing in on you.

The Changing Maintenance Market: New Technologies Mean More Opportunities

Most of us wake up each morning, not ­realizing that our professional world has changed even as we slept. Our first job of the day is to service a ­vehicle equipped with an oil life monitor. Not only do we discover that modern oil life monitors can indeed accurately predict oil life, we also discover