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Limit Contamination with New Pig Cleaning Wipes

Strong and solvent-resistant, the wipes are ideal for wiping machines and rough parts but soft enough for cleaning skin or preparing surfaces.

VIDEO: How To Maximize Online Marketing

Are you maximizing your online marketing efforts? This video is sponsored by the MyPlace4Parts Studio.

VIDEO: Would You Wait In Your Shop?

How welcoming and accommodating is your waiting area? This video is sponsored by the MyPlace4Parts Studio.

Eco-Absorb Simplifies Repair Shop Spill Clean-Up

Eco-Absorb is applied dry, reducing the risk of slip and fall liability. When placed around a spill, the absorbent acts like a sponge.

My Cleaning Products Introduces Organic Rust Removal Help for After-Snow Corrosion Problems

My Cleaning Products recommends Rusterizer for an effective post-winter rust removal process. The company says, “In the absence of harsh chemicals in its content, Rusterizer leaves no harmful residues when sprayed…That makes it safe for health and even the environment.”

Renew Shop Floors With New Valspar Epoxy Coatings For Concrete

Your shop’s appearance is one of the first things customers notice. Keeping it clean can be a challenge and keeping the bay floors free from dirt and wear and tear is an even bigger task. With new Valspar Epoxy Coatings for Concrete, you can protect and beautify your garage floors, making them look like new.

Mitchell 1 Introduces 2014 Emission Control Application Guide

Mitchell 1 announces the release of its 2014 Emission Control Application Guide (ECAT14) for domestic and import cars, light trucks, vans (diesel engines) and Class ‘A’ motor homes with gasoline engines, model years 1966 – 2014. The new guide provides vehicle-specific emission system information for repair shops that perform smog inspections.

ITM’s TPMS Uni-sensor Fulfills Shops’ Needs With Two SKUs

The ITM Uni-sensor is one of the first programmable TPMS programs that provides 95% vehicle application coverage for domestic, Asian and European vehicles.

Steck’s Wedge Makes Unlocks Super Easy

Many of today’s new vehicles may require additional pressure and surface area to spread the force along the door when performing unlocks. Steck’s Super Easy Wedge can be used as an accessory with the company’s BigEasy Lockout kits.

S&H Offers Comfortable Alternative To Kneeling

The heavy-duty Knee Saver work seat provides a more comfortable alternative to kneeling on the ground while working on a vehicle. With a 300-lb. capacity and thickly padded kneepads for comfort, this seat allows users to sit in a kneeling position that reduces pressure on their lower backs.

K-Seal Is In Demand

Solv-Tec reports that sales of its K-Seal one-step permanent coolant leak repair are rocketing.

Meguiar’s Introduces New Ultimate Black Trim Sponges

More and more car manufactures are using vinyl and rubber cladding on automotive exteriors. While they don’t scratch or chip like paint, they do fade and oxidize much faster than today’s clear coats. Meguiar’s all-new Ultimate Black Trim Sponges restore and maintain the trim.