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Here’s Why You Probably Need To Raise Your Labor Rate (Podcast)

If you’re a shop owner you’ve heard from your coaches and your industry suppliers that your labor rate is probably too low. Of course, you’ve heard from your customers that it’s far too high! Who do you believe? As long as you’re competitive to the shop down the street, there’s not much more you need

Driveshafts: Can 10,000 Applications Really Be Covered By Two Parts?

Shops and part suppliers are always looking for ways to make technicians’ lives a little easier. In recent years, many parts like CV axles, strut/spring assemblies and suspension control arms have been introduced to allow technicians to simply install a complete component instead of repairing parts of the existing assembly. But this parts philosophy does

VIDEO: How To Use Parts For Diagnostics

An hour of labor could make you more money than swapping parts. This video is sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

From The Forums: Telling Is Selling – Shocks and Struts

What happens when a driver who declines recommended replacement for shocks or struts does not ask any questions? He goes online and starts asking questions.

From the Forums