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Hot Shot’s Secret Blue Diamond G56 Severe-Duty Transmission Fluid

Hot Shot’s Secret Blue Diamond G56 transmission fluid resolves many of the issues that have plagued the G56 6-speed manual transmission.

Hot Shot’s Secret Rebrands Transmission Additive

The new name for the popular transmission additive was selected to better describe the product’s primary consumer benefit.

Hot Shot’s Secret Introduces Frantz Bypass Oil Filter System

The new Frantz Bypass Oil Filter System is for the Ford 6.0 and 6.4-liter Ford Powerstroke engine.

Hot Shot’s Secret Introduces Spray & Stay Grease

For automotive, suggested uses include engine assemblies, gears, winches and axles.

Hot Shot’s Secret Offers
 Gray Diamond Euro Engine Oil

Gray Diamond Euro is safe for both diesel and gasoline emissions equipment.

Hot Shot’s Secret Introduces Never Rust Lubricant

Never Rust protects any metal surface up to 20 times longer than competing brands, according to LSI.

Hot Shot’s Secret Introduces ADRENALINE Racing Transmission Fluid And Gear Oil

Following the launch of Hot Shot’s Secret’s Adrenaline Racing Motor Oils last season, Hot Shot’s Secret says it worked all year to formulate and test this new line of Adrenaline Racing Transmission Fluids and Gear Oils along with the help of Firepunk Diesel in the team’s record-breaking trucks during the 2018 season.

Hot Shot’s Secret Introduces Diesel Winter Rescue

When temperatures dip below freezing, this product is the one to have on-hand for emergencies as a safety precaution, the company recommends.

Hot Shot’s Secret Introduces 2-Step Oil System Treatment

When used as directed, the two-step oil system treatment provides four major benefits: improved power and compression, reduced lifter and valve noise, reduced engine wear and an increase in fuel economy, said the company.