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BMW Adaptations

Let’s look at five common adaptations for late-model BMWs, and what you should know before you start a repair.

Subaru Injector Misfire

Follow the proper diagnostics for any of the DTCs listed using the procedures provided in the applicable service manual.

Fuel Injector Diagnostics: Thinking Through The Problem

There is almost no way to inspect the spray pattern of the fuel injector while it is on the vehicle, and it is impossible to inspect it on a vehicle with direct fuel injection. You can, however, witness the symptoms of a bad injector.

Fuel Injector Function Testing

If a fuel injector is not operating within set parameters, it can cause driveability symptoms and codes that can point to components other than a faltering fuel injector.

VIDEO: Fuel Injector Clogs And Replacement Tips

Andrew Markel explains how fuel injectors can clog even when the ignition is off, as well as some replacement tips for fuel injectors. Sponsored by Intermotor.

Detergents for Modern Vehicles

The method in which modern vehicles consume fuel has changed greatly in the past 20 years. Here is how you can use detergents to keep your fuel system clean.

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