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Engine Coolant For European Vehicles

What is the correct formulation for late-model imports?

VW HVAC Service

Volkswagen HVAC systems have come a long way.

Rislone Cleaner Protects Entire Cooling System

The product is formulated to remove damaging coolant deposits that build up and cause engine overheating.

Preventive Maintenance Tips To Avoid Coolant Hose Failure

Determining a worn-out hose isn’t as simple as it used to be. This video is presented by The Group Training Academy.

Understanding Today’s Complex Cooling Systems

‘Radiator hoses’ are now ‘modular coolant assemblies.’ This video is presented by The Group Training Academy.

AUDI ECT Gauge Pegged Hot

This 2016 Audi A3 Quattro Sedan repair case is courtesy of

VIDEO: Damaging Engine Gaskets Due To Over Pressurization

Almost every technician has a cooling system pressure tester in their toolboxes. This video is sponsored by MAHLE.

US Motor Works LLC Adds To Cooling Lineup

The latest 6 new water pumps are now in stock and ready to order.

VIDEO: Coolant Scale Buildup On Cooling System Components

Andrew Markel explains how dried out coolant can break down and cause scale in certain components of the cooling system. Sponsored by MAHLE.

Modern Cooling System Design: It’s Not About Temperature; It’s About Powertrain

Reading engineering papers tends to be a boring exercise, but they do give a technician like myself a new perspective on how a common automotive cooling system could actually be improved. Of course, our immediate thought is how the cooling system can keep the engine cooler. Not so, according to one paper.

STEELMAN Introduces Master Cooling System Test And Purge Kit

The 60025 works on domestic, European and Asian vehicles, and the color-coded radiator test caps make it easy to identify the suitable test cap for the vehicle.

Spectra Premium Releases 103 New SKUs In August, Covering More Than 38M Vehicles

Its cooling system coverage included 18 engine cooling fan assemblies, four complete radiators, five dual fan assemblies and seven engine cooling reservoirs for popular domestic and imported applications of more than 24 million vehicles.