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Chinese Manufacturer Sets Record For Autonomous Drive

Navigation Guided Pilot achieves 0.71 human driver interventions per 100 km.

Goodyear Ventures Invests In Autonomous Delivery Provider

Goodyear’s venture capital arm has added Starship Technologies to its investment portfolio.

Thatcham Research Introduces Grading For Self-Driving Cars

The Mercedes GLE emerged as the strongest performer across all three performance criteria.

Auburn University To Build Autonomous Vehicle Research Lab

Facility will be one of the few in the nation attached to a test track.

Hyundai Invests In Developer Of Intelligent Radars For Autonomous Vehicles

Metawave is revolutionizing radar sensing by leveraging adaptive metamaterials (conventional materials using engineered structures with unique electromagnetic properties not found in nature) and artificial intelligence (AI) to create smart radars, according to Hyundai.

OEMs Take Us One Step Closer To Autonomous Driving

While some OEMs’ autonomous vehicle technology is still under development, others are on the fast track to bringing customers one step closer to fully autonomous driving.

Toyota Launches New Research Tracks To Study Autonomous, Connected Vehicles

The research projects will focus on the impact of advanced technology on broader road safety trends and the interaction between humans and machines, the automaker noted.

Autonomous Vehicles And Safety Technology

Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in an event of my own that was a mixture of Jurassic Park and the Jetsons. The Motor Equipment Manufacturer’s Association (MEMA) presented a Ride-and-Drive in Washington, D.C. where repair industry professionals, policymakers and manufacturers of cutting-edge vehicle safety systems got a chance to glimpse into the very near future.