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Litens Releases Accessory Drive Tensioner Kits

Each of the 50 kits includes all components necessary, as well as complete installation instructions.


Litens Aftermarket, one of the world’s largest OE suppliers of belt tensioning products, has introduced a series of new accessory drive tensioner kits intended to save customers time and money and help shops become more efficient.

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“Belts, tensioners and idlers are all designed to be changed around the same time,” says John Lussier, president, Tendeco Sales. “Because they’re all expected to last between 60,000 and 90,000 miles, it makes sense for customers and shops alike to change the tensioners and idlers at the same time the serpentine belt is changed. Shops can offer customers the convenience of saving time and money by replacing components before they fail.”

The new line of Litens Accessory Drive Tensioner Kits includes coverage for a full range of domestic and import nameplates. Each of the 50 kits includes all components necessary, including the belt, tensioner, idlers and any necessary fasteners, as well as complete installation instructions.

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