November 2021 Archives - Import Car
Honda Scroll-Style Compressor A/C Service Tips

Properly flush the system and replace the condenser and hoses when replacing the compressor after a catastrophic failure.

Aisin Warner Transmissions

Here’s how all the aspects of Aisin six-speed transmissions work together to provide a well-functioning and durable repair.

Understanding The Vanos Valvetrain

The two most common failures for a VANOS system are related to the quality of the oil.

Helping To Make The Homecoming Easier For Veterans

Sometimes coming home is the hardest part – not only from an emotional standpoint but also on an economic level.

European Brakes: The Advantages They Bring

Here are the advantages that follow with having ceramic-composite or carbon-ceramic brake rotors and pads.

BMW Diagnostics: Low Airflow After Cabin Filter Replacement

Here is the 7 step procedure to follow to rectify this concern.

Brake Caliper Service

Here are the service implications that come with brake packages.

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