March 2021 Archives - Import Car
Reflashing Considerations For Audi Steering Service

Even today’s steering systems aren’t excluded from reflashing procedures – doing it wrong can be catastrophic.

Wheel Service Packages Can Help Identify Customer Interest

There are many bundled wheel services that can be offered in single-price quote packages to meet your customers’ needs.

Up On The Roof – How To Plan For What You Can’t Plan For

When unexpected things upend your day, do you have a backup plan for when it all hits the fan?

Boss Ladies – Female Shop Owners Reflect On A Pandemic

Three savvy leaders speak with empathy, professionalism and humor about their business perspectives.

Prolonged Heat Exposure May Degrade BMW Intake Components

BMW valve covers and intake manifolds made of plastic are susceptible to warpage and gasket failure.

Is Menu Pricing Your Crutch?

No matter how slick the menu, display or point-of-sale software, it still comes down to identifying the customer’s need.

Read The March Digital Edition Online Immediately

In addition to shop business information, you’ll find import-specific technical features.

No Replacement For Displacement? Mercedes Might Disagree

There are rumors that the M177 may be the last of the V8s for the company.