August 2019 Archives - Import Car
Managing Mercedes-Benz Inflation Assumptions

Mercedes-Benz and other German vehicle manufacturers make the assumption that people here in the U.S. adjust their tire pressure for the number of people in the vehicle and for the speed at which they intend to drive.

Import Insights 1988: Covering The Entire Vehicle Spectrum

Maserati’s Biturbo 425i pictured on the cover of our August 1988 issue was being replaced by the even more exciting Maserati 430.

Mazda Tech Tip: Air Conditioning Musty / Mildew Odor

A musty odor may come from the vents when the A/C system is operating. It is most noticeable when the A/C is first turned on.

Fuel Filters And Frequency Cycles

On most import vehicles, the three components with the highest manufacturing tolerances are ABS brake modulators, direct injection high-pressure fuel pumps and fuel injectors.

Making A Living With A Scope

Even for a lot of great technicians, an oscilloscope, lab scope or just “scope” can an intimidating piece of equipment.

Aluminum Suspension Service: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

From Audi to Toyota, import nameplate manufacturers are using more aluminum for suspension components. An aluminum component is as strong or stronger than steel or cast iron but what sets aluminum apart is how it fails.

Understanding Today’s Performance Brake Components

The first question to ask yourself and the customer is what does brake performance mean and how does it apply to their vehicle? A driver’s expectations can vary depending on their experience and how much propaganda they have absorbed.

How Technology Is Changing Charging System Diagnostics

To better understand the concept of computer-controlled charging systems, let’s begin with the electric load detection (ELD).

Like It Or Not: Vehicle Manufacturers Have Your Data

Most newer model vehicles collect data and send it wirelessly to the vehicle manufacturer.

Diagnosing Volkswagen Idle Quality Problems

The textbook definition is an engine speed lower or higher than the specification in the service manual. For drivers, idle “quality” is more difficult to define.

Dumb Thoughts About Smart Cars

Only 2 percent of accidents are due to vehicle component failure of degradation.

State Vehicle Inspections: Something Needs To Change

No one can agree on the execution of a state vehicle safety or emissions inspection program.