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Jaguar V8 Engine Service for 4.0 and 4.2-Liter Types

Make sure you have the vehicle identification number ready when ordering parts.

Better Diagnostics: Using Your Brain Effectively

Did you know that when you stop learning new things you also forget the things you already knew? This chilling fact is an area of great concern for the technician population, which is getting a little older on average each year. I have personally witnessed excellent diagnostic technicians who have decided that they already know everything they need to know and begin to lose their “diagnostic processes” as new technologies enter their bays.

Honda Pilot Alignment Specifications (2003-2008)

Aligning the 2003-2008 Honda Pilot is not difficult. The first-generation Pilot shares the same suspension design as the Odyssey and rear suspension design with the Accord. The Pilot is the largest vehicle Honda manufacturers, and has no TSBs issued for alignment or tire-wear problems. Most TSBs for these vehicles focus on steering column noise, but the majority of these are for a limited number of vehicles only.

Shop Owner Or Bartender?

I sipped down the rest of my coffee and finished up the morning paperwork, then it occurred to me that the whole time I was on the phone, I wasn’t just a mechanic answering a customer’s concerns; I had taken on the role of the corner tavern bartender.

Problem Employees: How To Maintain Your Shop’s Image And Deal With Bad Apples

Running a successful shop is a team effort. That’s why it’s important to place a high value on your techs’ contributions to the success of your business. With competition at every turn, every interaction with a customer is critical in projecting the proper image of your business.

Diagnosing Common Flood-Damaged Vehicles

Although minor flooding at intersections often doesn’t cause many problems other than rusted brakes, major flooding can damage most of the mechanical and electrical components found in the engine and passenger compartments.

Mercedes-Benz TPMS Service

On different Mercedes-Benz models, you will see two types of TPMS systems. Low-line systems do not display individual tire pressures. These systems just monitor inflation and alert the driver if there is an underinflation or overinflation problem with one antenna. Mid-line systems display the individual pressures, and some systems have four antennas mounted near the wheel wells.

Import Insights: Mitsubishi (August 2016)

The 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander has been rated third in Kelley Blue Book’s list of 10 Most Affordable Three-Row Vehicles of 2016. Mitsubishi announced the debut of the all-new “Ground Tourer Concept” at the 2016 Paris Motor Show this fall.

Tech Tip: Mitsubishi Front Brake Ringing Noise

Customers may complain of a high-pitch noise from the front brakes during a low-speed light brake application.

Nissan Versa EVAP Codes

Perform this service procedure if a Nissan Versa’s MIL is “ON” with with certain EVAP codes tripped, and the EVAP vent control valve is stuck open or will not seal when operated/closed.

nissan versa evap
Measuring Brake Rotors

Installing new rotors without ever measuring and documenting the condition of the old rotor is like playing chicken with a comeback. Sooner rather than later, you will find a vehicle that will not be magically fixed by a new set of rotors. In fact, the new rotors may cause even more problems and lead to an unsatisfied customer.