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BMW Telematics – Has It Really Been 25 Years?

The first step into the connected future took place in 1998 with “BMW Telematics” and the BMW Assist package.

BMW Telematics

BMW has already put more than 15 million telematic-equipped vehicles on the world’s road for almost 25 years. Currently, BMW has more than 2 million subscribers worldwide. And as time has passed, the connection has changed how many functions on a BMW operate remotely. BMW has gained a lot of attention recently by offering subscriptions

Telematics Market To Reach $320.6B By 2026: TMR Study

The automotive telematics market has grown significantly, owing to increase in connectivity solutions worldwide.

The Aftermarket Is Combating An OE Telematics Monopoly Threat

Modern vehicles with telematics collect as much as 256 GB of data per hour. That’s equivalent to roughly 30 computers.

How Can You Incorporate A Telematics Strategy Today?

Everywhere you look today – whether it’s online, in trade publications or notices from trade associations – you hear about telematics. How to process all of this information and what to do about it today is left out of all of these conversations.

Like It Or Not: Vehicle Manufacturers Have Your Data

Most newer model vehicles collect data and send it wirelessly to the vehicle manufacturer.

The Changing World Of Telematics And How It Will Change Your Business

Telematics has created a lot of anxiety and skepticism for shops. Some of it is justified, while some is due to not seeing the opportunities it presents. Telematics is very simple when you view it as a tool to connect the customer to their vehicle and your shop.

Paying Attention To Telematics

According to a recent Babcox Media survey, 88% of the shop owners we surveyed (202 out of 230) have an interest in learning more about telematics, and that is great news. This stat alone raises my confidence that we as a collective group of professionals working in the auto care industry are aware of the potential impact that telematics will have on our business.

Welcome to the Future: Are Your Networks Protected?

For those of you who do not know me, I will give you a quick download on my background. I have been playing with cars for 40 years. I work in my family’s business, Seyfer Automotive, Inc., founded in 1961. We diagnose, repair and maintain late-model vehicles, as well as a large number of cars

The Connected Vehicle: Exploring The Next Frontier in Vehicle Communication

Connected vehicles have been evolving rapidly in recent years, and what’s coming next will blow you away, says Technical Editor Larry Carley. Carley discusses various safety and driver-assistance vehicle communication systems that are currently available on a number of models, either as ­standard equipment or as an ­optional technology package.

Perspectives: Positive Service Implications from a Sophisticated Aftermarket

Arming consumers with vehicle information gives them a better understanding of the importance and complexity of the various automotive systems

Directions: Will You Be Servicing a 100-MPG Vehicle in the Near Future?

Vehicles in the Progressive Insurance Automotive X-PRIZE vie for $10 million in prizes that will be awarded to teams that develop production-capable vehicles that exceed 100 miles per gallon or energy equivalent (MPGe).