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BCA Bearings Tech Tip: How Does Lubrication Impact Bearing Functionality?

The primary role of lubrication is to reduce friction between bearing components and adjacent components such as the spindle or axle.

Mini Cooper Tech Tip: False ‘Service Due’ Message For Brake Pad Thickness

Brake pad thickness warning message is displayed even if the pads are above specifications. The mathematical calculations made by the Condition Based Services Module (CBS) do not agree with the actual brake wear. The CBS uses inputs like vehicle speed, pedal pressure and rotor temperature to determine if the pads require replacement.

Acura Tech Tip: Clunk From The Rear Suspension When Hitting Bumps

Inspect the rear dampers for any leaks or damage to make sure the dampers themselves are not the cause of the noise. Replace the damping rubber from both rear dampers with the updated damping rubber in the repair kit.

Kia Tech Tip: AWD System Hydraulic Actuator Replacement

This bulletin provides the procedure for replacement of the hydraulic actuator of some All-Wheel Drive (AWD)-equipped 2011-2016 Sportage trucks (produced from May 6, 2010-February 19, 2013) and some AWD-equipped 2011-2015 Sorento models (produced from October 24, 2009-December 11, 2014).

SAAB Tech Tip: Low Oil Pressure And Code P0521

Some customers may complain of low oil pressure, no oil pressure, and/or engine noise as well as a possible P0521, which may be the result of a sticking oil pump pressure relief valve. In some instances, this may occur intermittently if the valve frees up when the engine cools down.

Jaguar Tech Tip: Humming Noise From Accessory Drive Belt Idler Pulley

A humming noise may be evident from the engine when the engine is idling. This may be caused by dust or water ingress to the accessory drive belt idler pulley bearing. The idler pulley bracket assembly (C2D51367) must be replaced as a complete assembly and must not be dismantled to a lower level.

Honda Tech Tip: Low Tire Pressure And TPMS Indicator On After Recent Tire Replacement

The Honda CR-V uses an indirect TPMS system that uses the rolling circumference of the tire to determine the pressure in the tire. Differences in sidewall construction and weight of a replacement tire can cause the rolling circumference to change if a single tire is replaced.

Mazda Tech Tip: Air Conditioning Musty / Mildew Odor

A musty odor may come from the vents when the A/C system is operating. It is most noticeable when the A/C is first turned on.

Mercedes-Benz Tech Tip: Oil Leaking From Valve Cover

In cases of customer complaints of oil leakage, it is essential to determine the actual source.

Toyota “Check Brake System” Displayed At Startup

An updated skid control ECU logic is now available to address this concern.

Kia Tech Tip: Low-Beam Headlights Not Working

Some Kia Sorento models may experience an inoperable low beam bulb due to poor terminal contact at the low beam bulb connector.

Nissan: Abnormal Noise From Front Engine Mount

A single thunk noise may be heard during the first few accelerations of the day from this type of mount, and is considered normal operation.