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Snap-on Makes Significant New Coverage Available

Technicians can be confident in the breadth and depth of repair coverage included in the newest software content.

Snap-on Releases New EPIQ Roll Cab PowerTop Lighting Solutions

Designed to incorporate into EPIQ roll cabs and brighten up dark work conditions.

Pinpoint Precision With Snap-on’s Thermal Laser

With both laser and thermal components, the Diagnostic Thermal Laser combines temperature reading and thermal imaging.

Snap-on Introduces New Pliers For Pros

P-Series pliers feature an internal torsion spring that returns the pliers to the open position.

New Snap-on Twin Torch Synergic Double-Pulse MIG Welder

Welding made smoother for aluminum and steel.

Snap-on Releases New Tools For More Comfortable, Efficient, Effective Work

Work in the shop or anywhere can be more efficient and effective with the added comfort and strength of these new tools and products from Snap-on.

Snap-on Introduces 14.4 V Hex Drive Long Neck Cordless Ratchet

Snap-on recently introduced the CTRQ717DB 14.4 V Hex Drive Long Neck Cordless Ratchet. This tool’s low tapered head and 13-3/4″ length will provide technicians with even more reach and accessibility.

Snap-on Continues To Grow Award-Winning ADAS Coverage

Both collision and general repair shops regularly perform jobs such as windshield replacement, body work and wheel alignments to everyday component failure replacement – all of these jobs now require a recalibration of those systems to get the vehicle back on the road safely.

Snap-On Debuts Twin Torch Synergic Double-Pulse MIG Welder

Snap-on has debuted its MIG225Ai welder, designed to help technicians weld aluminum and steel easily. This inverter-style, wire feed synergic pulse MIG welder features two torches, allowing for a faster, smoother changeover from steel to aluminum.

Snap-on Approved By FIAT Chrysler Automobiles For Secure Vehicle Gateway Module Access

In October 2019, Snap-on will introduce the Snap-on Secure Vehicle Gateway solution that will provide access to secure OEM vehicle gateway modules.

Snap-on Electronic 3/8-in. Drive Micro Torque Wrench

Snap-on’s ATECH2FM100 Electronic 3/8-in. Drive Micro Torque Wrench makes reaching precise torque quick and easy with multi-measurement modes and presets along with patent-pending Snap-on Multi Axis Gyro Compensation to make up for changes in reaction distance due to flex angle.

Snap-on Introduces 14.4-Volt Cordless In-Line Screwdriver Kit

The Snap-on CTSS761 14.4-Volt Cordless In-Line Screwdriver Kit features 65 in.-lb. of torque output and 1,350 free speed RPM. This screwdriver can get the job done with most standard screwdriver and power bits.