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Tech Tip: Installing Timing Belt Covers with Guides for 2001 Hyundai Sonata, Santa Fe

Some 2001 Hyundai Sonata and Santa Fe vehicles may experience rough running, rough idle, lack of power at low rpm, or
the check engine light on. This may be caused by the exhaust camshaft coming out of time, which can be fixed by installing a new timing belt cover.

Performance Exhausts for Late-Model Vehicles

What’s hot in exhaust performance products? Bolt-on free-flowing exhaust systems for diesel trucks, big bore mufflers for sport compact cars, and low restriction street performance mufflers for cars like Mustangs, Pontiac G8s, Dodge Chargers and Chevy Corvettes. The diesel market has been really hot lately. Turbo diesel engines are a popular option in full-size Dodge,

Diagnostic Solutions: Exhausting the Possibilities…Performance Upgrades

Depending upon the market to which an import shop might be catering, the term “performance exhaust” can have two different meanings. The first market actively seeks out the throaty rumble and chrome-plated look as part of the street-driving scene. The second market installs an exhaust system that produces the most horsepower for a performance application.

Exhaust Noise: How Much is Too Much?

Exhaust noise sells mufflers and pipes. Exhaust noise can be irritating, as when an original equipment muffler or pipe rots and blows out. Or, it can be pleasing in the case of a high performance vehicle with a throaty growl when it accelerates. Either way, noise generates exhaust work and parts sales. How people react

Exhaust Parts

Too Much Weight

Muffler Technology: A Look Inside

Is a muffler nothing more than a steel can with some baffles and tubes inside? That’s how most mufflers look, but there’s a lot more to muffler science than meets the eye. A muffler’s job is to muffle sound. That’s why we call them mufflers. In England they’re called silencers. Regardless of the name, they