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CAN Bus Communications

There are three types of bus configurations that you will come in contact with — loop, star and a hybrid of both.

Nissan PCM Computer-Control Issues

The American writer Irene Peter said it best: “Just because everything is different doesn’t mean anything has changed.” By 2018, I thought everything had changed since the days of On-Board Diagnostics I (OBD I). Since OBD I evolved into OBD II in 1996, many things did indeed appear to be different. But, once in a great while, engineers design a vehicle that is slightly ahead of its time. For me, it was a 1995 Nissan pickup equipped with the 3.0-liter V6 engine and manual transmission. Surely being an oddity, it would start and run with the distributor disconnected.

Flex Fuel: Ethanol vs. Gasoline

For political and economic reasons, the use of ethanol gasoline in the U.S. has always been controversial. To better explain, the U.S. and Brazil are the world’s leading producers of ethanol-blended gasolines. In Brazil, ethanol is an economic issue because the country’s hot equatorial climate is very hospitable to the rapid growth of biomass, which is cheap organic waste that can be made to produce ethanol.

flex fuel cap gasoline yellow
Honda Civic: Failed PCMs And CAN System Diagnostics

This case study involving three failed PCMs in a 2002 Honda Civic illustrates the real-world complexities of diagnosing on-board modules linked together by a bus communications network.

Selling Batteries: Use Cell Phone Battery Life As A Sales Tool

When 10% power is reached, some phones go into a battery saving mode. You have a similar tool in your arsenal for car batteries: conductance testing.

Low Battery Cell Phone
Mazda: Fuel System Servicing Precaution

Applicable Models: 2004-’07 Mazda3 2005-’07 Mazda6 2006-’07 MX-5 vehicles During service/removal of fuel system parts on the above vehicles, the memory of the malfunctions and the long-term fuel trim need to be cleared by either removing the fuse for the PCM or disconnecting the negative battery cable for at least 60 seconds. If not, the

Mazda C5