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OTC Introduces Three New High-Reach Underhoist Stands

The service hoist stands are designed for technicians working on Class 1 through Class 8 vehicles.

OTC Introduces New Harmonic Balancer Puller Kit

It is designed for removing the harmonic balancer in tight engine compartments without removing the radiator.

OTC Releases New Adapter Tools For Heavy-Duty Repair

New adapters allow technicians to repair heavy-duty vehicles more efficiently, getting vehicles back up and running faster.

OTC Adds Four New Engine Adapter Plates To Product Line

These products allow technicians to safely and securely remove and hold heavy-duty engines.

OTC Releases Comprehensive Hub And Bearing Service Guide Covering Vehicles Up To Model Year 2018

OTC announced the release of its new Hub Grappler Application Manual (6575MAN-18) to eliminate trial-and-error and save technicians time during wheel hub and bearing service.

OTC Diagnostic Software Version 3.7 Features Beta Testing For Fiat Chrysler Models Equipped With Secure Gateway Module

New for many 2018 and 2019 vehicles, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles US requires diagnostics tool to be compliant with its authentication process to perform any functions that require performing actions or changes to the vehicle systems, such as clearing codes, relearns, actuations or adjustments.

OTC Tablet Capable Of Diagnosing 25,000+ Vehicle Systems

Featuring more than 11,000 actuation tests and more than 1,400 adjustment tests, the Evolve also offers dual Wi-Fi architecture that provides a reliable Wi-Fi connection to the included J2534-compliant wireless VCI with simultaneous internet connection to the shop.

OTC Introduces Pan Seal Cutter

The cutter is designed to separate oil pan seals without causing damage to the pan and/or sealing surfaces.

OTC Announces Bravo 3.1.1 Diagnostic Software Update

The update includes new features, expanded diagnostic capabilities and increased vehicle coverage.

OTC’s New Wiper Puller Allows For Easy Access To Recessed Components

OTC introduces the new 4680 Wiper Puller, designed to remove wiper arms on passenger vehicles and light trucks. The Wiper Puller allows technicians to easily access recessed components or areas with minimal clearance, and is now available in North America.

OTC Releases Bravo 3.0 Diagnostic Software Update

The new update, Bravo 3.0, features a new improved layout for easier navigation, as well as a new feature that includes the ability to scan multiple selected controllers at once.

OTC Introduces Amp Clamp/Multimeter

The tool allows easy access to current, voltage and other key automotive measurements. Additional tests and features include Duty Cycle, Resistance, Capacitance, Diode, Continuity, Frequency and Temperature.