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Dealing with Deposits to Boost Engine Life

Valvoline’s Restore and Protect fully synthetic motor oil helps both older, high-mileage vehicles (restore) and new vehicles (protect).

BMW 4-Series Service

The 4-series does not stray far from the typical BMW engineering and operation.

Toyota Camry P0016 Timing Chain Code (VIDEO)

Curing this code will require more than the timing chain. This video is sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

VIDEO: How Are Oil And Filter Intervals Calculated?

Engineers ensure the engine, filter and oil match the mileage for the oil change interval. This video is sponsored by FRAM.

Mazda Honors Heroes With New Essential Car Care Program

Dealers across the nation will offer standard free oil changes and enhanced vehicle cleaning for most makes and models.

Mercedes-Benz W164: ML Series Problems And Cures

The ML series from 2006-’11 (W164) is the most common SUV from Mercedes-Benz that you’ll see at your shop. The new platform in 2006 saw a new unibody construction, new engines and a change from mechanical systems to more electro-mechanical operation of the engine and drivetrain.

VIDEO: Misfires On Vehicles With Cartridge Oil Filters

Andrew Markel goes over misfire conditions that can occur after an oil change on a vehicle with a cartridge oil filter. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

Fiat: Unable To Add Engine Oil

The customer may experience a condition where they are unable to add oil to the vehicle. This condition could be caused by the oil fill extension being blocked. Replacing the oil fill housing will correct this condition.

Capitalizing On Advances In Today’s Motor Oil

Motor oil is lasting longer and vehicle automakers are allowing more time between oil changes. It is important for shop owners to keep up with these trends.