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VW Spark Plug Replacement

There are a few things you should know about a VW TSI spark plug service.

Ignition And Coil Flashover (VIDEO)

Carbon tracking or flashover on a spark plug, the boot or the coil, is not normal. Sponsored by Standard Motor Products.

Ignition Coil Service: Start To Finish (VIDEO)

Diagnostics depends on the coil’s design and what wires are in the connector. Sponsored by Standard Motor Products.

VIDEO: Navigating the Ignition Coil Connector

Always check the wiring diagram to confirm the connections to the coil. This video is sponsored by Standard Motor Products.

VIDEO: Ignition Coil Torque

Don’t let improper torquing of the bolt ruin the job. This video is sponsored by Standard Motor Products.

Don’t Forget About Ignition When It’s Time for Road Trip Tune-Ups

Summer 2020 was a boom time for road trips. Many drivers were eager to hit the road, and according to the Expedia® 2020 Summer Travel Report published in July 2020, 85% of U.S. travelers reported that they would be likely to take a road trip. This road trip renaissance is slated to continue into spring

Why Do Modern Vehicles Require Precious Metal Spark Plugs?

Understanding modern ignition systems will help complete preventive engine maintenance during tune-ups.

Audi Tech Tip: Key Can’t Be Removed From The Ignition

The customer will complain that the key can’t be removed from the ignition when the vehicle is in park. In some cases, the driver will not be able to move the shift lever from the park position. On vehicles with the Advance Key System, the car can not be locked after the engine has been shut off.

No-Start Condition Dilemmas? We Share A Few Lessons Learned

Do you have a Mercedes-Benz in your bay with a no-start condition? Don’t feel alone, we’ve been there, and would like to share a few lessons we have learned over the years that can also help you expedite the diagnostic process.

VIDEO: The Misfire Crime Scene

Andrew Markel discusses spark plug ignition wires and what to inspect in the case of a misfire. Sponsored by Intermotor.

VIDEO: Gapping Fine-Wire Spark Plugs

Andrew Markel shows how and how not to gap a fine-wire spark plug. Sponsored by Denso.

VIDEO: Understanding Secondary Ignition Waveforms

Andrew Markel picks apart secondary ignition waveforms and how burn time can reveal the condition of a spark plug. Sponsored by Denso.