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Cooling System: Hose Inspection and Replacement

One bad hose can cause an engine malfunction. This video is sponsored by Continental.

VIDEO: Ensuring That An Oil Cooler Or Transmission Cooler Job Lasts

Andrew Markel discusses oil cooler and transmission cooler jobs, and how you can make sure the hoses last as long as possible. Sponsored by Continental.

Detecting Hose Problems Before They Explode

The majority of hoses on a vehicle will fail from the inside out. The minority of hoses will fail due to external damage that can be caused by bad motor mounts or being too close to hot components. Most of these failures take tens of thousands of miles and many heat cycles to occur.

Summer Vacation Insurance: Catch a System Failure Before it Interrupts Your Customers’ Travel Plans

With many customers scheduling summer vacation road trips, it is important to check vehicles’ belts and hoses before they get on the road.

Summer vacation breakdown