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Carbon Deposit Q&A

Follow along to learn more about carbon deposits.

Fuel Trims

To gain a better idea on fuel trims, think about how “analog” vehicles dealt with changing fuel and air mixtures.

VIDEO: Fuel Injector Clogs And Replacement Tips

Andrew Markel explains how fuel injectors can clog even when the ignition is off, as well as some replacement tips for fuel injectors. Sponsored by Intermotor.

Fuel Pump Pressure: What Can Affect Fuel Flow

All too often, technicians assume fuel pressure is “good” without actually measuring it with a gauge. If the engine runs, they assume the injectors are getting adequate fuel pressure. If the engine cranks but won’t start, and they depress the service valve on the fuel rail and some fuel squirts out, they assume the injectors have pressure. They do, but the question remains: how much pressure?

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Hyundai Fuel System, Emissions Diagnostics

Hyundai has done a good job of improving its ­offerings over the years from both an aesthetic and mechanical viewpoint. Complemented by a strong warranty and good value, the carmaker has been able to increase its market share year over year. If you aren’t seeing these cars in your bay, it’s only a matter of

Diagnostics for Hyundai Fuel Systems and Emissions