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SMP’s October Release Includes 276 New Numbers

Standard and Four Seasons continue to expand their programs for hybrid and electric vehicles.

SMP Closes the Year with 214 New Part Numbers

SMP says it is committed to providing replacement parts for hybrids and EVs through its Standard and Four Seasons brands.

Four Seasons Offers Line Of Brushless Blower Motors

The line of aftermarket light car and truck brushless blower motors is developed and manufactured in North America.

Four Seasons Introduces Motor Resistor Kits

These new problem-solving kits are application-specific and designed to reduce warranty.

Four Seasons Introduces Brushless Direct Current Motors

The BLDC motors are manufactured in-house with higher speed ranges, longer operating life and higher efficiency over brushed and pulse width modulation (PWM) motors, according to Ron Miller, director of marketing, Four Seasons.

Four Seasons Unveils New Logo, Updated Packing For New Compressor Product Line

The company says the new compressor packaging was refreshed to deliver a clean, concise and contemporary look, reflecting the quality of the product category and easily standing apart from competitive product packaging.

Four Seasons Announces 2-Step Hands-Free Flush Kit Promotion

The flush is one of the most crucial steps following a catastrophic compressor failure. Skipping this step may void compressor warranty and result in a comeback, says Fours Seasons.