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Brake Fluid Specifications

You can go down a brake fluid rabbit hole if you are not careful.

Test, Bleed, Flush: How Can You Protect Your Customer’s Brake System?

Replacing brake fluid or “flushing” it can extend the life of hydraulic brake components, but when should brake fluid be replaced? For the past 30 years, OEMs, shops and tool manufacturers have struggled with that question.

VIDEO: Brake Fluid Grades; Too Hot, Too Cold, Or Just Right?

Andrew Markel explains how using nothing but the exact brake fluid in the master cylinder can cause leaks and other issues. Sponsored by ProDemand by Mitchell1.

Brake Fluid: DOT 3, 4, 5 And 5.1 FAQ

All DOT 3, 4 and 5.1 brake fluids are compatible with each other and with all systems. All polyethylene glycol-based fluids will not harm healthy rubber parts. Also, the additive packages will not damage or distort any rubber parts. Even an older rubber part with a high concentration of natural rubber will not be damaged by new DOT rated brake fluids.