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Beta Tools Shares Availability Of New C50S-3 Service Tool Cart

All 3 C50S colors, Orange, Grey and Red, are in stock in PA, and ready to ship throughout the USA.

Beta Tools Offers Portable Assortment Of Hand Tools

Beta Tools’ 2001/B26 tool set includes 26 of the company’s exclusive tools.

Beta Tools Offers Flexible Nut Spinners

The 943 FL5 Flexible Hexagon Nut Spinners are offered in six sizes: 5, 5.5, 6, 7, 8 and 10. The tools feature a flexible shaft to access fasteners even with obstructions in the way.

External Frame Enhances Beta’s 5-Drawer Toolbox

The Beta Tools C23S is a five-drawer toolbox features an external frame that can be seen in the four corners as well as the top and bottom. This design provides a sturdier frame to protect the box from the type of damage that would normally render drawers unusable in sheet metal toolboxes.

Beta Introduces Impact Sockets For Mercedes-Benz Vehicles

Beta Tools #720MRC Impact Sockets for Mercedes-Benz are 1/2″ drive and have a polymer sleeve for non-marring performance when removing lug nuts with the flower-design on Mercedes-Benz vehicles.