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Solid Axle Bearing Restoration

Start with the customer complaint. Sponsored by BCA Bearings by NTN.

Servicing Wheel Bearing Seals

If the seal must be installed over a rough part of a shaft, wrap masking tape around the rough areas to prevent seal damage.

VIDEO: Wheel Bearing Preload And Load Paths

If you’re replacing a wheel bearing, you should also check the alignment. This video sponsored by GMB.

The Importance of Worn Center Bearing Replacement

The center support bearing is a relatively small component in a mid-sized vehicle, yet a properly-functioning bearing is crucial both to consistent overall performance and to avoiding damage to other vehicle components. Possible indications of a failing center bearing should be investigated promptly, and a worn or damaged center bearing must be replaced immediately with

Being A Better Listener

Keep the questions as broad as possible. Make sure you take notes and put them on the repair order.

Universal Seal/Bearing Puller From LTI Tools

Use with your air hammer for easy one-person operation on 90% of all seals and race bearings.

King Introduces High-Strength Coated MC Bearings

King Engine Bearings has developed and produced a new line of engine bearings especially designed for superior service life and performance for today’s mo­­dern engines.

AXLE NUT VIDEO: Can You Over-Tighten?

Andrew Markel discusses bearing installation and how the torque specification of axle nuts should be closely followed. Sponsored by FAG.

NTN Celebrates 100th Anniversary

In 1918, NTN began research and engineering of its first bearing products in Japan as Nishizono Ironworks, named after founder Jiro Nishizono. Today, NTN is a precision equipment manufacturer that focuses primarily on bearings and has developed it global presence with 219 locations in 33 countries.

VIDEO: Packing Tapered Roller Bearings

Andrew Markel explains the proper way to grease and pack tapered roller bearings during installation. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

Steering Systems Under Stress: Ball Joints, Bushings and Alignment

Prior to the Daytona 500 in February, I watched Matt Kenseth blaze his way to victory in the Sprint Unlimited driving a Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota. During the race, one of the commentators referred to the “laser-precision steering” apparent in the winning car. Since driving at 200 mph on pavement is akin to driving 70